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A far out confused mood as if under the influence of drugs and or alcohol Key Words: sexy drunk drugged drugs sex slow weird


Description: Mean acoustic guitar riff . Confident and grungy vinyl beat with modern gated pad , perfect for modern anti-hero Bruce Willis / Samuel L. Jackson Key Words: Funky . dark confident , trouble worry quirky , purposeful anxiety

Battlelines (Hip Hop)

Down and dirty hip hop track incorporating both electro + orchestral elements. Perfect for a movie scene where there are gangs involved. A stand-off or tense feud. Great for advertising or corporate where power and pride need to be emphasized. Dramatic strings + synth elements.

Trap Goes My Heart

Melodic trap with focus on typical rhythmic elements and additional dubstep influences. Modern and atmospheric sound for great projects.

LocoMotion Rockwood

Loco-Motion Rockwood is a rock-jazz track. It has a power and vibrant vibe. Sounds like a band playing in a club.

Call The Police Now

Call The Police Now is a rock track. It has a powerful and irreverent energy. I was looking a noisy mix like a band performing in a club night. Hope you guys like it.


A soundtrack that builds from deep anticipation into filtered drums, scattered instrumentation and an uneasy, thrilling sensation of discovery. Top & tailed with twisted, eerie strings giving a climactic feeling of  fear & forbodding. similar in style to US & Scandanavian TV crime drama scores or...

Free Ride

Building from a deep, visceral bassline & solid driving rhythm into a kalidascope of colourful swooping layers, this long, rolling, almost hypnotic workout is the perfect accompaniment for freedom, movement & discovery tinged with mystery & excitement. At nearly 5 minutes in length, it can be used ...

Free Ride Sunset

This drifting, fluttering bed of sound flows like a warm, atmospheric wash and will mix seamlessly with the track ‘Free Ride’ creating over 8 minutes of colourful, layered music. Its kalidascope layers offer a continuous central theme of freedom, movement, discovery & relaxation.

Xtra-Suspicious (Hiphop Rap Beat)

Unusual and aggressive track, with a medium beat containing punchy kicks and electronic choral melodic verses. Voice effects and more. Booming low frequencies. Very youthful sound, ideal for urban crime stories, drugs and debauchery, parties at home, double crosses in the street. Instrumental, Hip H...

Texas Toast Ranger

Fun and bouncy analog electronic synth dance track. Would be a great accompaniment to an urban or modern subculture-related show or advertising.

Bounce Around

Synthesizer lead mixed in with beach style surfer groove. Great pop track for commercial, or teen movie. Fun, adolescent and innocent. Bouncy and cute. Light and fresh. Could be used for deodorant promo. Department store sales. Very playful for kids, or children's programming. Educational television...

A New Generation

Exhilarating instrumental guitar track with a simple melodic line. In the style of Coldplay and Lions of Leon. Great commercial music for cars and passenger trains. Road trip. Discovery channel. Running through the streets and having a great time. Lets party and celebrate together. Moving at a fast ...

the way to heaven

electro electronica space bed piano dark moby chase Conspiracy dramatic Dynamic drugs Energetic Film music Gangster Hiroshima nuclear explosion weapons conquer horor Hysteria Impossible launch pain Power Power-up Powerful Prison Prodigy Risky Race Racing Robots sad scared science Skateboarding extre...

Hip Hop Mafioso

A cool, gritty hip-hop/rap instrumental with unique orchestral elements. Great for subjects involving crime, gangsters, drugs, urban warfare, mafia etc. Edgy, confident and menacing.


Description : A far out confused mood as if under the influence of drugs and or alcohol Key Words: funky sexy drunk drugged drugs sex slow weird
Yann Keerim