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Power Of The Glory

A rising, cinematic royalty free orchestral music theme with piano bits, strings, big choirs and epic hits, great for sports openers, action trailers, intros, battle or fantasy contents.

Goodbye Dear Friend

A melodramatic, emotional royalty free music theme with dark strings and deep piano chords, great for romantic, love, farewell or intimate film contents.

Low Water

An intense, percussive royalty free corporate piano music theme with dark pads and reversed fx, ideal for commercials, trailers, tech vlogs or serious contents.

Lonely Rider

A sad, ambient royalty free music theme with dark strings, airy guitars, piano bits and modern drums, perfect for cinematic, timelapse, romantic or emotional contents.

The Secret Of The Magic Stone

A mysterious, modern royalty free drum beat with a dark piano, strings and creepy sfx, ideal for underscoring mystical scenes, fantasy, crime or thriller contents.

Konnakol Kanjira

A intriguing, India world royalty free music theme with synths, percussive vocals and a driving drum beat, great for cinematic, promo, youtube or dynamic contents.

Baker Street

A suspenseful, ambient royalty free horror theme with scary vibes, dark sfx, deep hits and braaams, ideal for horror related intros, trailers, promos or Halloween contents.

Happy Motivational Efficient Corporate

An happy, efficient and motivational royalty free corporate song with pads, electric guitar, bass, piano, synth lead and straight drums, best for ads, corporate, travel, business, motivational and promotional related content.

Power Up

A bright and uplifting track perfect for travelling montages and and energetic themes. Track breaks down into LoFi piano middle break before building back up to the main theme. Two versions provided with the option for a filtered introduction for a more exciting track.

Wasted Years

A cinematic, orchestral track featuring brass, choir, drums and strings. Great for action contents, fantasy and battle themes also great as a pc game underscore and for trailers.

80s Retro Nostalgia Synthwave

An retro, upbeat and nostalgic 80s synthwave royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, retro bass and efficient beats, best for ads, retro visuals, fashion, summer, 80s aesthetics and artistic related content !
Yann Keerim
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