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An atmospheric, emotional royalty free fantasy piano music theme with pulsing pads, strings and epic beats, ideal for adventure games, movies, intros or decision making scenes.


The continuation of "Dellusion" (the track before in the album), it gives a dreamy feel to what is to chase your dreams without the negativity of "caring" about social validation and others judgement. A moment of "freedom" and yes: daydreaming.


Trying to escape the imposter syndrome feel, but conditioned to think that chasing your dreams is also delusional, the track is meant to be a bit convoluted and different in rhythm and syncopation while giving out some feeling of "dreamy" that is about to begin (the next track after means the opposi...

Bizet - Carmen Ouverture

A royalty free, fully orchestrated version of Bizet's very famous and powerful ouverture of the opera "Carmen". It fit's great to many projects with action content, hunting scenes, riding scenes, historical content, comedy and cartoons. Available in 2 edits as main edit and as short edit.

Antonin Dvorak - From The New World - Largo

A royalty free, fully orchestrated version of Antonin Dvorak's very common Largo, part of "From the new World" symphony. It's great for nature documentaties, historical documentaries, drone flights with great landscape content and movie scenes with peaceful or hopeful content.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Air On The G String

A wonderful, royalty free, orchestrated version of Johann Sebastian Bach's very famous "Air on the G String". It fit's great to many projects with calming content, nature and/or historcial documentaries., ideal for weddings, slideshows, romantic, emotional, or Valentine's Day montages.

Edvard Grieg - Morning Mood

A wonderful, fully orchestrated, royalty free version of Edvard Grieg's very famous "Morning Mood" theme from the Peer-Gynt-Suite. It fit's great to many documentary projects, ideal for films and cartoons, to signify sunrise, or daybreak and the overall tone is one of calm and tranquility, also for...

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Orchestral Christmas Music

A wonderful royalty free version of Tchaikovsy's very famous Nutcracker ballet music. It's using orchestral legato and pizizcato strings, oboe seciton , clarinet section, bassoon and contrabasson, horns and a wonderful celesta for the sweet and mysterious melody. The music is great for all kinds of...

If I Ever Feel Better - Sad Romantic Cinematic Music

A royalty free contemplative, sad but romantic piece of music, which describes the thin line between sadness and hope. It uses a wonderful solo cello, orchestral strings, flute, oboe, bassoon and slight orchestral percussion. Great for romantic movies and videos, but also for scenes with grief and ...
Yann Keerim
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