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Action Scene Rock

A heavy rock based composition with a powerful orchestral accompaniment. Perfect for action YouTube videos, the gaming market or use on dramatic TV scenes or documentaries. Mastered to an average of -14dB LUFS to retain the dynamic of the composition and so online streaming platforms such as YouTu...

The Building Storm

An orchestral piece with a Viennese style waltz influence that builds in to an epic climax, all recorded with the finest orchestral sounds the industry has to offer. Two versions are available, the full length version and a shorter arrangement. Mastered to an average of -14dB LUFS for streaming pur...

Fusion Funk Up

A melodic, grooving funky piece with a catchy brass and guitar hook. Underlying EDM synth parts perfectly fused together make for an original but familiar sound. The piece is ideal for film/TV or professional YouTube videos. All recorded with the absolute finest instruments and sounds the industry h...

Cop Show

A 70's/80's style funky composition reminiscent of 70's TV "Cops Shows". The piece features funky electric guitars and a sassy sounding brass horn section. Perfect for film/TV, the video game market or professional YouTube videos. Mastered to an average of -14dB LUFS to retain the dynamic of the c...
Yann Keerim
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