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Dance With A Vampire

Dance With A Vampire is a playful and eerie royalty-free Halloween-inspired track featuring pizzicato woodwinds and strings, whistle melody, and percussion. You can find elements of mysticism, mystery, and horror. It starts with quiet colors, and gradually increases over time. The music sounded lik...

Little Witch

Gloomy, but at the same time very kind and positive orchestral music created in the style of Disney fairy tales. Perfect for Halloween projects, animation projects, costume parties, cartoon, films, shows, youtube videos, christmas video, tv, radio, advertising, games etc.

Spooky Fun

A lighthearted, spooky and fun Halloween music piece. This track is great for spooky children’s cartoons, costume parties, amusement parks, haunted houses and many more.

Halloween Horror Intro Logo

Halloween Horror Intro Logo for all your scary, terrifying and creepy productions. Mysterious music with horror sound for your cinematic projects. Nightmares, hidden fears, horror, curses, demons and many more. Perfect soundtrack for trailer, Halloween, horror films or thriller.

Dark Quirky Orchestra

A playful, spooky and fun orchestral music piece with quirky dark vibes. Perfect for Halloween, animation projects, fantasy movies and fairytales, the music gives a sense of both playfulness and magical moods. The ensemble used in the track is a full symphony orchestra including woodwinds, brass, s...

Haunted House on the Hill

Creepy, tense and spooky orchestral track is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies. Dramatic and foreboding. Great for trailers, adverts, and projects that need a ghostly theme.

Spooky Halloween Trailer

A spooky halloween trailer with strings, harp, theremin, church organ, brass, choir, harpsichord and a nervous xylophone. Have fun!
Yann Keerim
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