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Bottles and glasses (suspense, acoustic)

Suspance song made with bottles and glasses. Perfect for a scene where a character is reflecting or devising a plan or solution to a problem.

Reflection on desolation (Lo-fi, Electronic, Guitar, noise, Atmosphere, Wander)

A guitar riff accompanies the typical atmosphere of loneliness and desolation. Perfect for farewell scenes, or contemplation of empty and desolate landscapes.

Smoke (disturbing, evil, crime, drug, triphop, bad)

Disturbing music. Perfect for a scene with an evil character, for a catastrophe, or as a background for images of destruction, squalor, crime, drug addiction.

The beauty - Emotional strings (Epic, Cinematic, orchestra, motivational)

Exciting music with strings and orchestra for an epic scene or for an exciting tale. Perfect also for a historical documentary, for videos of artistic cities in Italy such as Florence, Rome or Venice, for spectacular landscapes or for the sale of a valuable product such as wine.

The top of the Wave (Electronic, trap, dark, ispiring, philosophy, automotive)

Intriguing beat trap, perfect for describing a technological product or for an exciting and interesting narration or a philosophy of life.

Nightdrive (driving, triphop, roadtrip, lo-fi, paceful, dreamy, reflect)

An intense night drive. The Rhodes plane gives a sense of melancholy and nostalgia. Perfect for describing thoughts that overlap during a trip while looking out the window.
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