Pepe Frías - 23 tracks

Spanish multi instrumentist and composer.

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Fashion Tech Corporate

Background music intended for fashion and technology reportage, news, commercial or any kind of footage related.


Optimistic Reggae tune with horn section melody and hammond and steel drums solos.

Creepy Funk

70’s pursuit groovy funk with a creepy horns section melody.


Melancholic african brazilian fusion track. With an african choir and brazilian percusion instruments, give a dramatic flavour to your audiovisual project, and keeping an ethnic touch.

Corporate Uplifting

Corporate background music with happy, inspirational uplifting mood.

Funky Business

Groovy uptempo funk tune with a catchy chorus, intended for lifestyle modern and dynamic spots.

Beautiful Sights

Inspiring ambiental background with emotive crescendo at the end. Introspective and relaxing as well as motivating and encouraging tune, ideal for comercials and corporative videos.

Hueznar Falls

A funny and uptempo samba piano and guitar track, with bass and brazilian percussion background. Perfect for travel, family, children and old times footage. With a joyful melody and a 60´s mood.

Beautiful Landscape

Introspective and relaxing piano track thought for inspirational and reflexive video projects with an uplifting climax at the end.

Epic Action

Epic Orchestral track suitable for Action and Dramatic Trailers


Background track perfect for corporative projects where optimism and positivism want to be enhanced. Happy melodies with an uplifting arrangement.

Motivational Cinemtatic Trailer

An Hibrid Orchestra arrangement with drums guitar and bass. With an inspiring and optimistical mood this song is perfect for any comercial purpose as well as for wedding footage, adventure, travel, business, corporate, and any audiovisual project in which positivism prevails.

Sons of the Epic

Epic Orchestral track suitable for Action and Dramatic Trailers.

Nature Documentary

Relaxing and inspiring atmosferic song arranged with african instruments, giving it a savanna and jungle flavour, and teleporting your mind to those african nature documentaries.

Epic Trailer

Epic Orchestral track suitable for Action and Dramatic Trailers


Optimistic tune with Piano melody and drums, bass, guitar, strings and sinth background, perfect for tv program’s main title, emotional birthday or wedding videos, etc.


Postive and energizing theme, with piano and strings melodies with sinth, drums, bass and guitars background, suitable for comercial proyects, corporative videos or personal footage. Full song at first, comes with two loopable parts at the end of the preview

Emotive Piano

An emotive piano track containing three versions, one full arrangement, one version without melody for backgrounds purpouses and one version solo piano, without background. Suitable for multiple projects looking to thrill the viewer.


Introspective and motivational Piano track with Orchestral arrangement.

Documentary Epic Intro

Thrilling upbeat orchestral track conceived to be the introduction part of a documentary or documentary series. Perfect for history, nature, outdoor sports, astrology and any subject that carries implied action, risk, danger, fear, heroicism, unknow...
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