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EDM Synth based track fit for suspense, crime, and intrigue. Tension cue with an eerie investigative vibe great for crime dramas and tv/film theme music

Anaheim Chill

EDM chillwave track with hypnotic synth and drum groove. Relaxed calm and chill vibe great for underscore, relaxation meditation, and corporate technology content

Uptempo electronic track

Head back in time with this uptempo electronic track featuring eighties synthesizers and a drum machine. Great for TV, Film and Video Games in need of that retro sound.

Rise Of The King

Thousands of heavily armed Aliens invading planet Earth. A wounded secret agent hanging from the edge of a building. Zombie army approaching outnumbered humans armed with shovels only. An adventurer professor running away from the awaken Mummy warrior. Robots fighting robots! A superhero attacking a...

Robotic Technology

80's style music with brilliant sounding synthesizers, ideal for innovative corporate video projects, tech research, etc.

Cyberpunk Tomorrow

A dark, neon, electronic Cyberpunk track with a futuristic vibe and ethereal, dreamy textures. Featuring deep electro bass, driving drums, and a mix of ambient and punchy synthesisers. A great asset for creative videos about technology, science, space, robots, artificial intelligence, product launc...


An energetic 80’s inspired synthpop track. Perfect for films, commercials, youtube video’s, vlogs, movie intro’s & title sequences, games, etc.


Hard industrial, futuristic electronic music. Inspired by the music from the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. Fits any kind of video!

Foley Odyssey

A Glitch Hop original mix using a variety of foley and sound design such as birds chirping, ocean waves which features lots of sound ideas that come from nature, it also incorporates electronic elements like sample based synth and vocal chops.
Yann Keerim
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