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Sad Sitar In Night Mumbai

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
This emotional and very pensive royalty free Indian soundtrack is flawlessly designed in a perfect Bollywood cinematic drama tradition! This depressed tune sounds of sitar, sarod, tanpura and bansuri (Indian flute) that will very finely reflect the mood of your footage, documentaries, ethnic trailer...

Transcendental Indian Raga

Composer: Jake Schneider
An Indian-style soundtrack piece featuring melodic Sitar, droning Tanpura, orchestral strings and eastern tribal drums. Perfect for travel and adventure videos, ethnic videos, Indian and Hindustani videos, new age projects, yoga/meditation videos, artistic themes, film soundtracks, video games, ad...

Bollywood Cinematic Romantic Sitar

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
Positive and very romantic royalty free Indian soundtrack designed in a perfect Bollywood cinematic tradition! Flowing and magical, this alluring tune is flavored with remarkable sounds of sitar, bansuri (Indian flute), tabla, tanpura and sarangi that will perfectly complement your documentaries, In...

Indian Modern Future Sitar

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
Contemporary motivational soundtrack of Indian music with Future Bass elements. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance projects and any ethnic oriented presentation. Perfect for movie, cartoons, cinema, Indian fashion show, Indian corporate videos, ethnic trailer, YouTube, TV. Also t...

Indian Language of Rhythm

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
Motivational track of Indian music with Konnakol elements. Konnakol (also spelt Konokol, Konakkol) is the South Indian or carnatic vocabulary of vocal syllables used to create rhythmic compositions. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance projects and any ethnic oriented presentatio...
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