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Enchanted Lake

A soft and ethereal music-box like pad melody, creating a relaxing and enchanting atmosphere. Great for background music in children videos, presentations or other projects requiring a calm and sentimental touch.

A Pop / R&B style ballad

A Pop / R&B style ballad, a warm, melancholic song works well as a general romance / romantic background track for media etc.

Mysterious Lullaby

A dreamy and mysterious soundscape with magical bells and windy flutes.

Take A Breath

A haunting, ambient royalty free cinematic theme, with airy strings, deep piano, and dulcimer. Best for dramatic, tragic, intimate, or climactic film scenes.

Looking Back

Reflective and bittersweet track, with cello, harp and clarinet. Ideal for thought provoking, melancholic scenes in documentaries and films.

All Tinkled Out

A hypnotic, ambient royalty free cinematic score, with a flowing piano, chimes and a warm bass riff, great for aerials, underwater scenes, or timelapses.

Carefree Daze

Positive, breezy feel good track with strumming guitar, vibraphone and organ, conjuring a summery uplifting 60s mood. Great for documentaries, travel shows, road trips and promos.

Sunshine And Colours

Positive, engaging track, with warm bass, atmospheric harmonics and urgent piano riff, weaving an uplifting and comforting mood.

Not A Care In The World

Chilled out tune that evokes sand, gentle waves and a cool breeze. Super positive, feelgood music, perfect for beach scenes, travel shows and upbeat promos.

Enchanted Snowflakes (Magical Christmas Logo)

A sparkly, magical orchestral indent that has many uses. Features a string orchestra and bells with a useful soft bed at the end for titles. Perfect for winter and seasonal projects including, advertising and retail campaigns, Tv and radio promos, logos and jingles. Available in 3 edits.

A Children's Tale of Magical Sorcery

A children’s choir theme complemented by strings and magical bells paint a fairytale scene. Perfect to use in your film, animation or other production in need of a high quality choir arrangement.
Yann Keerim
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