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Enchanted Lights Christmas Logo

A bright and cheerful royalty free music Logo with sleigh bells, chimes, tubular bells, vibraphone. Perfect for Christmas and New Year idents, commercials, children’s media, YouTube, TV, openers. Available in Main, Short and Shortest versions.

A Children's Tale of Magical Sorcery

A children’s choir theme complemented by strings and magical bells paint a fairytale scene. Perfect to use in your film, animation or other production in need of a high quality choir arrangement.

Bridgerdown Abbey - Classical Drama

Elegant and uplifting baroque classical music. With chamber strings, harpsichord and recorder. Perfect for period costume dramas and historical projects.

Mystical Enchanted Flute

Mystical and elegant cinematic track featuring solo alto flute, harp, strings, women's choir, and light percussion. Perfect for film underscore, video game underscore, social media content, and much much more!

The Long Journey

Orchestral music with chinese instruments. Taiko drums. Beautiful Boys chorus voice of ancient zither guqin with distant sounds of Chinese percussion. A soothing sound that invites contemplation and meditation. Soft, elegant, sweet, exotic, and a bit sad. Western orchestral strings. Epic and Melanch...

Valentina's Death

Deep sorrow over the death of a loved one with melancholy cries of pain. Solemn and tragic female choir with synths and strigs. Is perfect for romantic drama, ending along term relationship or the end of a fierce battle. Emotional voices deeply that evokes the nostalgic, lord of the rings music.

Happiness Has Harmony

Orchestral composition with strings,brass section,woodwins and piano that goes in growth until the climax. Staccato, Marcato, Pizzicato Strings give movement and intensity to the interpretation by assisting and accelerating the melody. The result is an interpretation with much liveliness that will h...

Coming Back to Life

Emotional and inspiring composition ready for your dramatic projects. A perfect lush background for film, documentaries, television, or any video needing a magical and uplifting cinematic soundtrack. Inspire Orchestral track performed by an orchestra of piano, strings, cello and modern instruments.

Dreaming Stars

Perfect instrumental background music for cinematic, for presenting your business, new products or your company in general with an optimistic and motivational touch.

Forgotten Magic

A magical soundtrack featuring beautiful harp, low whistle, uilleann pipes, piano & full orchestra with heaven voice arrangements perfect for enchanting or fantasy projects. Starts small and mellow building to the soft and full orchestra with choirs.

Ethereal Epic Dream

This is a dreamy cinematic epic soundtrack that brings an ethereal, fantasy-like commercial sound. Dreamy and cinematic music with female voice over distant and soft chords. Highly emotional and beautiful with long reverbs.
Yann Keerim
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