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distesa piatta

along a flat expanse...... in search of being serenity ,optimism.....


This is an orchestral version of the very known american music hall song "Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay". The song got first known in Henry J. Sayers* revue "Tuxedo" in 1891 in Boston, but very famous in the London music halls in 1892. The song has a very catchy melody and a simple chord progression. But that...

Life will start again

Acoustic 2 guitar serene ballad full of hope with positive and easy melody, life, romantic and uplifting

Chinese Pop Warm Happiness

It is a pop track using a Chinese musical instruments. But, melody is not Chinese style. Perfect for kind and happy scenes such as movie, drama, documentary, animation, game set in China.

Sole sole

Italian pop folk romantic ballad, male voice, acoustic guitar, drum machine, bass, keyboars. Tv, Film, Soap Opera, advertisement, All Media, trailer, italian restourant, Male Vocals, European, Italy

Quello che vorrei

Soft romantic acoustic ballad with 2 guitars, spanish guitar solo and acoustic guitar arpeggio. Ideal for soft, relaxing, sweet awakening in the morning or romantic sunset in Film, Tv, Commercial. Instrumental, Dramatic, Tender music

Happy Blues

Happy Country Blues instrumental ballad, electric clean guitars with vibrato, bass, drums. Driving blues, positive, happy, sounds like Eric Clapton. Ideal for Film, TV, Commercials, Instrumental, Dramatic, Happy Music


Happy pop-folk romantic Italian ballad, male voice, acoustic guitar like Tell Me by Madonna, banjo, electric piano, femal secod voices. Words talk about Kisses. The Song was used in a famous Abc Film Serie. Ideal for scene in Italian location with pop radio song in the hair.

Lo-Fi Jazz Ballad

Aged and vintage piano trio jazz ballad with a romantic mood and yet nostalgic flavour.

I Don't Know If I Love You - elegant love song similar to Vince Gill, Ed Sheeran, Bread

In every relationship there's a moment when you question whether you're still in Phase 1, or if things have progressed to the next level. This is a discussion of that moment, done in a gentle acoustic setting with light harmonies and male vocal.

Peaceful Piano Ballad (Soundtrack)

This is a piano ballad. It is a gently track, but you may feel a little lonely.  Perfect for beautiful nature landscape, memories video at wedding receptions, emotional scenes such as movie, drama, animation and documentary, etc.

Beautiful Comfortable Piano Flute (Soundtrack)

It is a easy listening music by piano and flute that is peaceful, warm, calm, soft, hopeful, tranquil, relaxing, comfortable, beautiful, moving, nostalgic, gently, tender, kindly, graceful and positive. Perfect for serene and idyllic scenes such as documentary movie, drama, animation, promotional vi...

Happy and Inspiring Acoustic

Cheerful and upbeat acoustic track that features acoustic guitars, percussion, cajon, bass and marimba. It is very melodic and it can be used perfectly in a different variety of projects like Youtube videos, vlogs, cooking shows, intros, advertisements, promos, commercials, kids shows and more.

Inspiring Acoustic Ballad

Incredibly inspiring and motivational acoustic track that features acoustic guitars, cajon percussion, acoustic bass, marimba, and an ethereal synth melody. It is great for corporate use like presentations, promos, commercials, advertisements and more. It is also great for kids shows and family orie...

Emotional Rock Ballad

Emotional and powerful rock ballad with clean and distorted guitar. It features a melodic verse and a dynamic chorus.

Chill Electronic Ballad

Uplifting and chill electronic track that is perfect for your projects as background music.

Japanese Fragile (Koto, Shakuhachi, Wadaiko)

Perfect for documentary movie, drama and animation set in Japan. It is a fragile, sentimental, mournful, sorrowful, melancholic, nostalgic and oriental track using Koto, Shakuhachi and Wadaiko (Japanese Drums).

Acoustic Country Swing

Smooth, sentimental and calm acoustic folk ballad with a swing groove and a loving melody that features electric and acoustic guitars, slide guitar, bass and drums played with brushes. It is perfect as a background music track in a variety of projects like, advertisements, commercials, promos, youtu...

Shijima (Japanese Warm, Shakuhachi & Koto)

It is a warm, emotional, soft, calm, nostalgic, ethereal, beautiful, dreamy, fragile, traditional, ethnic and oriental track. The Japanese instruments are Shakuhachi, Koto and Wadaiko. Perfect for Japanese-themed movies, dramas, anime, theater, Japanese nostalgic landscape video, background music fo...
Yann Keerim
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