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The Rag Doll's Waltz [PACK]

An atmospheric orchestral track starting with a soft music box and piano melody gradually leading to a full orchestra emotional and inspiring climax. Ideal for videos, films, trailers and other sentimental content.


Upbeat electro-swing music track. Features big band and pianos leading themes and energetic electro-swing dance beat.

Creepy Crypt

A spooky royalty free scary track, with agressive Electric Guitar, frightening SFX like monsters, screams, a worrying Music Box and Foghorn. Perfect for games, creepy TV shows and any fearful Halloween contents.

Struttin Your Stuff

This is a hot dance club song. It is club-banging, and exciting. Great for highschool/college party or club scenes .

Stevie Superstitious

This is a hot and mysterious dance club song. It is sexy, club-banging, and exciting. Great for mysterious and intriguing action and romance scenes, hot dance scenes, and exciting love events. It is a song about a woman who is superstitious, savoring her mysterious atmosphere as she tries to decide ...

She Is a Freak

This is a hot dance club song. It is sexy, club-banging, and exciting. Great for hot dance scenes. It is a song about a woman who is very sexual and freaky.

Fire Danger

This is an EDM/pop song. Its very happy/feel good and upbeat. Its club- banging, sexy and exciting.

Fun Rock and Roll

A positive rock ‘n’ roll track using acoustic guitar, piano and drums and fun percussion samples. Great for voicing children’s blogs and comedy materials. Old school rock and roll with modern mixing. Use and have fun.

The Coolest Ever

A cool blues guitar theme combined with lots of modern stutter effects and funky rhythm guitars. Perfect choice for the coolest on this planet ;-)

The sleeping doll

An ethereal piano with some electronic sounds and some loops. You can use this track for romantic and dreams scenes. You can also listen to it just to relax and to think about a walking on the beach.

Shut Up

Powerful, cool and groovy rock with expressive drums, energetic electric guitar riffs and bass.

Schools Out (Inspirational Happy Electronic Indie Rock)

Guitar driven electro rock track for a multitude of uses. Great for advertising for a youthful audience. Fun and rebellious. A trip to the mall. Fashion, teen, surf, young, hopeful, vibrant. Great for advertising or TV theme track. Teen reality show. Attitude, growing up, leaving home, parties.

Stepping Out (Cinematic Electronic Hip Hop)

A rich and luxurious feel to this track. Perfect for promotion and advertising of high-end products. Swaggering attitude gives this track an edge of arrogance that comes with knowing the world is at you feet. Movies, teen, attitude, spoilt kids, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Corporate opulence.

Attic Record

Just imagine an old dusty record. Vinyl scratches and a saturated sound gives this track an authentic vintage effect.

Toy Store

This arrangement of this well-known nursery rhyme can be used as background music for stuffed animals, kids toys, dreaming scenes, or in upscale toy shops. Beautiful with music box, harp, bandoneon, spieluhr. It's play time!

Mischievous Dolls

BPM 88 - driving staccato strings, celesta and piano make this quirky tune reminiscent of Danny Elfman. Dark with a mysterious overtone.

Hip-Hop Style

Dramatic and Energetic Hip-Hop / Rap music track with a confident and bouncy feeling. Great for films, videos, commercials and TV..
Yann Keerim
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