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Jon is a TV and Film composer who works in a wide range of musical genres. He was the composer for the short film "Vigilante", scored for the feature-length movie "Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?" and has done corporate and advertising work for car manufacturers Audi & Lotus, along with Greenpeace, Infinera and the Canadian Police. Some of his TV credits include Annie, America's Next Top Model, Fox Sports, CNN, American Pickers, Fear Factor, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery and History channels.

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Drums of Wrath (Epic Cinematic Tribal Drums)

Big, powerful, building percussion track. Tribal feel with taiko and huge bass drums adding to the drama and tension.

Dying Light (Sad Strings Cello Piano)

Piano and strings with mournful cello. Starts off simple, sparse and a little discordant before leading into dense piano and cello. A feeling of yearning - a struggle against loss.

Under Ice (1980s Electronic Cinematic Ambient)

Minimal, pulsing suspense / tension. Electronic instrumentation. A little percussion creates movement in this dramatic underscore piece.

White Sands (Electric Guitar Underscore)

Evocative feel to this underscore track. Delay fx and reversed guitar make this a great track for a true crime show. The feel of a wide open desert. Haunting, solemn and introspective.

Phosphor (Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Electronic)

A percussive hybrid track perfect for a 60 second advertising or promotional slot. Big drums build with the addition of synth, pads and background choir. Dramatic, adventurous and hopeful. A Mugler ad feel.

Seeps In (Cinematic Suspense Horror)

Building, dark, bleak and extremely creepy tone to this gothic instrumental. Post apocalyptic hellscape meets intense psychological thriller. Scary but not slasher vibe. A sustained, icy tone throughout. A mix of different choir elements makes this great for horror movies, trailer & video game use.

Palomino (Cinematic Ambient Electronic Guitar)

Pads and reversed guitar combine to give this track an expansive, lonely feel. Staring to the horizon, windswept with a sense of longing.

Fall (Cinematic Ambient Electronic)

Light, pulsing, ambient, synth driven cue. Neutral but interesting, perfect for a backstory. Fits nicely under dialogue with synth and reverbed piano. Understated electro with elements of Cliff Martinez, the "Social Network" and Trent Reznor.

Open Ground (Cinematic Suspense Electronic)

Distorted violin, electronic bass and a bowed piano combine to produce a tense chase sequence. A melancholy, desolate feel.

Hollow (Cinematic Ambient Suspense Electronic)

A melancholy, dark, dystopian lullaby. Drones and electronic elements are covered with a haunting melody line and gentle choir.

To The Sea (Cinematic Pacific World Maori)

A simple track filled with longing and melancholy. Flutes with a lot of movement and underlying bass tones combine to create a feel of loss and hope in equal measure.

Synthetic (1980s Cinematic Electronic Dark Sci-Fi)

A subdued instrumental piece which perfect for a sci-fi movie, advertising or corporate. Synth pads give the track a dark feel. Use of synthesizer makes this a great underscore track. Perfect for a trailer or background for a space scene, space travel and alien civilizations. A desolate, lonely feel...

Into the Light (Inspirational Uplifting Electronic)

Electro cue. Neutral underscore which could be used for a backstory and works well under dialogue. Understated but with an interesting vibe.

Fairground (Inspirational Energetic Electronic)

Lively electro track. All the variation and fun of a fairground - this track works well for fashion, advertising, corporate, as a TV theme or background music for TV & Film.

Caging the Butterfly (Epic Cinematic Orchestral)

A Music Box adventure with orchestra. A magical journey with mournful undertones to balance the happiness of the bells. Perfect for Fairy tales and fantasy, family, Christmas and an accompaniment to wonder.

Subway (1980s Cinematic Electronic Suspense Tension)

Electro-tension bed with a medium-fast tempo, with low energy, subtle dynamics, variation and growth so it's not overly-repetitive. Never gets too big. Would work in advertising or film/TV where technology, the future or space travel is the focus. Available in two versions - with or without pads.

Fever Pitch (1980s Electronic)

Upbeat synth track harking back to an 80's feel. Pumping base and synthesizer makes this piece equally at home in the club or on dance-floor as it does promoting technology or the way of the future in a corporate promotion. Great for film & TV. Reflective section at 0:45 - 1:20 which could be used i...
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