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Climb The Mountain

’’Climb The Mountain’’ of inspiring and motivating orchestral music with dynamic orchestral culmination. This Hans Zimmer inspired music will motivate and inspire you to the bone. Goosebumps guaranteed !

The First Noel

An emotional and dramatic rendition of a christmas classic with chamber strings and piano. Heartfelt and spiritual, a beautiful thematic holiday track ideal for seasonal programming, drama, family, and holiday vlogs.

Melancholy Piano Guitar Serenade 2

Piano & guitar Instrumental contemplative track In Minor Key. Puzzled and unsettling vibes. Great for suspense, drama, thriller, crime investigation, and documentaries

Carry Me Home

Melancholy & dramatic piano based track. Cinematic orchestral theme with an uplifting hopeful vibe. Great for montages, inspirational ads, or movie soundtrack for film/TV

Rise Of The King

Thousands of heavily armed Aliens invading planet Earth. A wounded secret agent hanging from the edge of a building. Zombie army approaching outnumbered humans armed with shovels only. An adventurer professor running away from the awaken Mummy warrior. Robots fighting robots! A superhero attacking a...


Mysterious and calm ambient music. Perfects for solving riddles scenes, investigation, asking questions and more!

The Epicness

Cinematic inspiring track with emotional and epic dynamic orchestral strings, brass, percussion, drums, hybrid effects, etc. Perfect fit for films, television, inspirational videos, trailers, teasers, YouTube videos and more!

Mysterious Strangers - Cinematic Trailer Build Up

Ambient, Dark, experimental, electronic and Cinematic Synthwave pop audio background! Perfect for movie trailers, photography tutorials, tech tutorials, gaming intros, gaming shows and twitch presentations, music streams, synthwave live shows and club videos, sport documentaries, architecture logo...

The Urban Warrior - Aggressive Fight MMA Urban Hip Hop

Powerful, action packed, razor sharp and tough as nails rap audio background! Perfect for Action Sports, Fitness, Boxing, MMA, Gaming intros, Travel vlogs and Tech videos!

Adventure Island - Cinematic Epic Build Up Trailer

Powerful, ambient, action packed, inspirational and dramatic cinematic audio background with a tremendous cinematic atmosphere! Perfect for movie trailers, tech tutorials, gaming intros, sport documentaries, architecture logos and vlogs and many more project videos!

Tension Rises

Full mystery orchestra combines with cinematic percussion and FX as the piece builds and grows more epic and heroic. Ads suspense to your video, audio or gaming project.

Gentlemen in Battle

This is an epic orchestral track composed for action and battle scenes with up and downs to add more drama and enhance it's emotional character.


"Rebirth" is dynamic, powerful cinematic track with rising culmination. Full Orchestra accompanied by various percussion and electronic instruments. Perfect for films, trailers, teasers, intro, games and many other project.

The Time has Come

Very expressive and powerful track. High quality sound and effect it completely immerse you in the dark atmosphere.

Return to Life

Track contains several parts. Mysterious and melancholic beginning of the song is replaced epic and heroic continued. This track will perfectly complement any of your project: trailers, video games, film, teaser, a short video.

In The End

"In The End" - a track that incorporates the traits such as drama, epic, anxiety and action. It is perfect for your movie, trailer or games
Yann Keerim
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