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Redemption Feat. Erin Ezekiel - 80 Remix

A bouncy, inspiring royalty free electronic song with 80s style, about everyday life, struggles and love featuring awesome female vocals, dance leads, edgy basses and tight beats, ideal for fashion, nightlife, travel or promo visuals.

The Journey

Epic, modern and hybrid orchestra trailer track. Very driving and impactful through sharp hits, percussion and trailer sound design, riser, pulses and edging arrangement. Ideal for impact, cinematic action cues or attention grabbing.

Into Infinity

Modern and big epic track perfectly suitable for trailer or show opener. Big, impactful and engaging through hybrid orchestra elements and synth instruments. Very tensed and powerful through accentuated percussion and impactful through big trailer hits.

Far Away

Beautiful dressed hybrid orchestra track with accentuated percussion and impactful sounddesign such as risers and trailer hits. Grand dark and a badass mix accompanied by underlying braams and vibrant string arrangements makes this the perfect theme song for villains and action cues.

First Day of Summer

Fast and energetic young rock music with high energy and a modern commercial vibe. Perfect for tv advertising, radio and films. It’s a cool track that makes you feel good!

Inspiring Documentary

Mellow ambient track featuring piano, electric and acoustic guitar, synth pulses, pads, ambient effects, percussion, bass and drums. Good for documentary, cinematic and corporate videos, travel vlog, time lapse, tech video, unboxing, car commercia, promotions, travel footage and much more.

Data Transfer ( Driving Synth Drama )

Synthetic textures building layer by layers. Dark bass pulses, warm slightly mysterious synth melodies, and distorted moving plucks. Propulsive, edgy, thriller, and dramatic vibes.

Things Getting Stranger

A retro style, 80s inspired royalty free synthwave, with analog leads, edgy synth bass, and vintage beats, best for sci-fi games, films, TV series, or cool vlogs.

Happy Edgy

A happy mid-tempo dance track with edge and dynamics. Euro influenced.
Yann Keerim
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