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Aikido Meditation

A meditative instrumental song with ethnic Japanese instruments like koto and shakuhachi flute. Suits any project dealing with Aikido, Japanese martial arts, meditation and Japan.

Karate Kata

A meditative Japanese piece of world music with ethnic instruments like koto, shakuhachi, tanpura and taiko drums. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with Karate and Japan.

Spirit Of Nature

''Spirit Of Nature'' is a cinematic electronic ambient track with a melancholic mood. Background music for films, mystical themes, documentaries on nature, spirituality projects, science fiction, movie trailers, gaming videos, apps, social media, websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram,...

Under the Hot Sun

The space, filled with rhythm and sounds of eastern ethnic music. The soundtrack has a smooth beginning and end, the middle part with the expressed rhythm and peculiar melody. well combines with pictures of nature, natural landscapes. Sound track based on instruments such as: Oud, Santoor, ...

Dancing with the River

Rhythmic and traditional track with Shakuhachi, orchestra, choir and ethnic percussion. Fresh, happy and hopeful.

19 Ways to Travel Around the World

Upbeat world track featuring ethnic and traditional percussion, rhythmic strings and melodic woodwinds. Good choice for documentaries and nature videos.

Western Logo

Cool rock logo with ethnic elements and slide guitar. Creating wild west atmosphere. Ideally for use in movie, video, game, advertisement or another your project!


Asian Influence, Romantic Tender, Sensitive, Cautious Shakuhachi, Cello, Violin, Vocal Film and Television Cue

Electric sushi

A unique fusion of traditional Japanese instruments (koto, shakuhachi, etc), highly manipulated electronic versions of the same instruments. Production Music
Yann Keerim
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