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A New Day Begins

Bright, positive and subtle background music, with marimba, piano, woodwinds, strings and piano. Optimistic, adventures and bouncy kind of fairytale vibe, perfect as underscore for documentaries, podcasts, drama and other projects that need a gentle touch of background music!

Larger Than Life

Peaceful, bright and ambient music track with an optimistic and positive vibe. Electric guitars, layered synths and some ambient strings makes this track perfect as underscore for documentaries, drama and Podcasts!

Positive Cinematic Rock

Down-tempo and atmospheric cinematic rock music track. You can hear acoustic guitar, strings, drums and quite a bit of synths. Mood of track is romantic, melancholic and optimistic. Best for using in cinematic projects, indie films as a love theme, cartoons, storytelling and wedding slideshows.

Piano Orchestral Logo

Inspiring corporate logo with rich arrangement. You can hear whole orchestra, piano and drums. This logo can be best solution for corporate identity, for the old and famous brands that want emphasize their adherence to traditions. This logo is also can be great ident for radio and TV shows, Youtube ...

Epic Horror Trailer

Modern, epic Hollywood style trailer with huge scary impacts and depressing atmosphere. You can hear creepy mood full of suspense, glitchy modern sound design, hybrid soundscapes and textures, killer drops and heart stopping surprises, sinister and apocalyptic sounds. Perfect for TV and game trailer...

India Epic Action Drums

Epic ethnic style track with native instruments and percussion. You can hear traditional Indian instruments – sitar, tampura, santur, harmonica, khol, kanjira , bunch of orchestral stuff – strings and brass sections and wide range of epic drums percussion. This track will be great for cinematic ...

Epic Action

Epic cinematic action track. Perfect for fight scenes, documentary about war, game and cinema trailers. You can hear strings, brass and huge rock drums.


Epic cinematic theme with huge hybrid orchestra sound. You can hear big drums, strings, brass section, distortion synths and epic cinematic sound effects.

Thoughtful Cinematic

It`s a thoughtful and meditative cinematic composition. You can hear a lot of marimba, glockenspiel, strings, piano, percussion and ukulele. Best for cinema projects, creative commercials and technology presentations and nature documentary.

Cinematic Documentary

This is cinematic theme, ideal for documentary films. Strings, piano, bells, marimba and a lot of different percussions make thoughtful meditative atmosphere. Mood – calm, serious, dreamy, dramatic.

Abstract Tech Chillout

Relax and thoughtful mood you can here there. Modern smooth synths, glitchy drums and rhytmic piano melody makes your projects unforgetable for your customers. Best for technology presentations, gadget overview, slow motion, inforgaphics, vlogs and creative outstanding commercials.

Thoughtful Marimba

Thoughtful and relax track with beautiful marimba, piano and glitch effects. This atmospheric track is perfect for technology videos, documentary and cinematic media projects.

Technological Documentary

This music is made for documentary or technological corporate videos. You can hear beautiful piano, glitch effects, electronic drums and digital sounding synths. Mood – atmospheric, inspiring, slowmotion, chillout and thoughtful.

Travel in India

Groovy hip-hop theme with native Indian elements. Tabla, sitar, Indian flute, female voice, drums and modern synths makes interesting outstanding fusion. This item is perfect for travel media projects, Indian commercial and cinema.

Thoughtful Ambient Corporate

It`s an inspirational, motivational thoughtful corporate music with positive mood. You can hear stylish piano, modern guitar sounds and ambient synths. It can be perfect background for narrative, corporate presenting, motivational videos, inspiring promo, hi-tech ads, TV commercials, podcasts, scie...

Cinematic Thoughtful Documentary

Cinematic thoughtful theme with a lot of magic piano and beautiful strings. Also you can hear many drums and percussions that sounds very delicate. Composition is growth gradually and get peak at the end. This music is looking for interesting documentary, creative ads, motivational corporate projec...

Nature Positive Documentary

Sweet nature ambient music with piano and strings. This inspiring composition is full of care, love, hope, beauty and peace. Works best in narration, documentary, corporate projects, inspiring motivational videos, healthcare ads, explainers, slideshows and as background for youtube vlogs.

African Percussion

Native african percussion music track. Balafon, shakers, tamburin, calabash and more drums percussion in this item. Perfect suit for documentary, TV shows, travel vlogs, podcasts and ads where needed native african feels.

Creative Glitch Timelapse

Electronic glitch music with super modern synths and flute melodies. Dreamy futuristic mood lead by groovy glitch drums, rising synths and flying sound effects. This creative theme will be ideal for youtube timelapses, futuristic presentations, travel vlogs, company promo reels, corporate advertisi...
Yann Keerim
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