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Composer, Producer, Pianist, Arranger, Film Composer - Master's Degree in Classical piano and 2 Diplomas in Jazz and modern music. - Recording (25 CDs) and tours all around the world with great musicians as Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley, Jaques Morelenbaum, Anita Wardell, Heidi Vogel, Sarah Jane Morris, Joy Rose, Celia Mur, Emilia Martensson, Janine Johnson, Katie Leone... - Roland endorser. - Musical Director in several bands and theatres shows in UK and Italy. - Brands: Barclays, Jaguar, Toyota, Lexus, Land Rover, Emergency UK, Sanghamitra Promotions, Autism Aid Onlus, RAI, Mediaset...

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A beautiful futuristic chill track, featuring dreamy synth, warm pads, a bright piano that create an uplifting mood. Ideal for technology commercials, scientific research, corporate presentation, voice-overs, as on-hold music for sophisticated projects, VIP style, etc.

Good Morning Tokyo

Light and bouncy, featuring a laidback mini marimba groove mixed with Chinese influences and Urban elements that create a carefree mood.

Lone Survivor

A nostalgic and contemplative intro preludes an epic groove with a full orchestra with dramatic and pulsating strings and punchy percussion that creates a bold and heroic mood.

Moon 24

Gentle and pulsing, featuring floating synthesizers, vocal samples and light electronic drums that create a sexy, relaxing atmosphere.

Breaking News Rag

We are in the 20s and the notes of an old piano tell us about a tricky and dangerous story of the gangster in the streets of New York. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies.

Boogie Surf - Loop

A classic surf rock track with drums, bass and 2 electric guitars characterized by the extensive use of the "wet" spring reverb to respect the Fender amplifiers from 1961!

Besame Mucho

What if Mozart played this famous song? Hope you like it!


Flowing and emotional, featuring solo piano that creates a melancholy, reflective mood. It's the story of the chrysalis in which the first part is uncertain and suffering, then, in the second part, the butterfly can flyes symbolized by the main theme.

A sweet memory - Loop

Add a happy vibe to your project with this easy-going track with carefree guitar arpeggios enhanced by glockenspiel and strings melodies!

A Night in Copacabana

Imagine walking on the Copacabana beach during a warm starry night and hearing in the distance some musicians whom playing a smooth bossa nova.

The Awakening

Optimism, confidence and creativity drive this positive tune to motivate and inspire your audience. Featuring pulsing electronic elements and a proud piano that create a motivational, hopeful mood.

The Last Race

This is sport big beat, upbeat positive rock song! It has power and groove! This track is perfect for extreme sports, car races, fight, film movie, computer games, action scenes, car commercials, sport motivation or any project that needs a strong rock track! Instruments used in this song is electri...

Jupiter Moon

Heavy and energetic, featuring a driving Rock groove, rock electric guitar and strong drums and bass groove that create an anthemic and powerful mood.

Virtual Enemy

Bright and colourful, featuring catchy powerful synths melody, warm piano chords, arpeggiators and exciting organ chops that create an upbeat mood.

The third moon

The ethereal and peaceful intro doesn't let you predict the following powerful crescendo, featuring driving percussion, bold brass and dramatic strings and choral elements that depict an epic battle scene. Perfect for trailers.

New Frontieres

Optimism, confidence and creativity drive this positive tune to motivate and inspire your audience. Featuring pulsing electronic elements, warm piano and electric guitar that creates a proud, hopeful mood. Add a splash of energy to your corporate video or presentation!

Juggling Swinging

An easy-going swing track starts with a boogie-woogie piano riff with a bouncing double bass and smooth brushes. A vibraphone plays the main melody. Perfect for every kind of carefree advertising or trailers of comedy movies.

Jingle Bells

Here there is my piano interpretation of "Jingle Bells". That's a romantic version of the very famous happy Christmas song. Have a listen and judge how it is!
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