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Composer, Producer, Pianist, Arranger - Master's Degree in Classical piano and 2 Diplomas in Jazz and modern music. - Recording (22 CDs) and tours all around the world with great musicians as Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley, Jaques Morelenbaum, Anita Wardell, Heidi Vogel, Sarah Jane Morris, Joy Rose, Celia Mur, Emilia Martensson, Janine Johnson, Katie Leone... - Roland endorser. - Musical Director in several bands and theaters shows in UK and Italy. - Brands: Barclays, Jaguar, Land Rover, Emergency UK, Sanghamitra Promotions, Autism Aid Onlus, RAI, Mediaset...

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Cool and groovy, featuring soul female lead vocals, electric piano, guitar, bass and drums that create a dreamy, sexy mood.

Battle of dark swords

A slowly building introduction leads to tense strings and, light woodwinds and horns that create an anticipatory and adventurous mood.

Eternal Garland

This is my electronic/ambient/cinematic version of the first Variation of the Goldberg Variations composed by the eternal genius Johann Sebastian Bach. The last part I played it by retrograde motion and... it works perfectly (of course)!!!


Light and powerful, featuring rock male lead vocals, bright acoustic strumming guitar, and a strong acoustic piano create an inspirational and happy mood.


Bouncy and bright, featuring gritty electronic textures and pulsing rhythms that create a confident and uplifting mood.

The Waltz of lost Chances

A wonky-weird waltz track ala Danny Elfman style starts with a small orchestra and a melancholy celesta. Then a clarinet takes the melody. Then the strings take the main melody for a grand finale.

Mind Ring

Mysterious and ethereal, featuring looped hypnotic morphing melody, light ethnic Duduk and dark textures that create suspense.

Loosing my Way

Groovy and laidback track with a mellow underground hip-hop feel. Featuring flowing electric piano, electric guitar, synthesizer and strings samples that create a confident, chill mood.

Yolaine Whispering

A smooth yet sinister introduction leads to sparse vocal whispering and underlying synth textures that create a mood of anticipation and fear.

The rising sun

A relaxing strumming guitar that accompanies a mystic erhu melodies which alternate with a reverberated flute, bring you in a Japanese dream.

La valse de la Solitude

An evocative waltz track in French style starts with a small orchestra and a melancholy musette. After the natural develop of the melody, a big orchestra comes to show the power of the main melody. Perfect Mediterranean folk style mixed with a cinematic mood.

Zero Point

Warm and building, featuring a driving synth arpeggiators that create a proud, confident mood. A hypnotic morphing piano melody drives you in the Grand Finale with a full orchestra.


This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring acoustic guitar arpeggio, orchestral strings. It starts with a smooth guitar arpeggio and builds into a orchestral climax. Great for advertisings and corporate projects, presentations and more.

Thinking about you

This is a nostalgic and very romantic track with an acoustic 12 strings guitar and a deep prepared piano. Perfect track for love or flashback scenes in movies and advertisings.

The Visionary

Dreamy and floating, featuring smooth synth pads a hypnotic liquid groove and spacey synth arpeggio that creates a cool and confident mood.
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