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Dark, suspicious music track with nice deep sound. Perfect for meditative projects, slow motion videos, nature slideshow, can be used as background music, spy movies, documentaries and more!

Creeping Slowly

An ominous suspenseful background track consisting of a haunting piano melody, drenched in analog synth sounds and other tense elements.

Deciphering Classical Tense Theme

Classical theme painting a curious and tense mood. Perfect to use in investigative media, documentaries, films or any other productions seeking a thoughtful musical score.

Investigating the Dark

Ominous and tense background track consisting of brooding strings and synthesizer elements. The obscure and dense quality of the piece paints a bleak and somewhat dangerous atmosphere.

spirits Christmas

a nightmare christmas... dark, tense atmosphere suitable for horror movies

Desolation and Confusion

Suspenseful background track communicating a sense of worry, drama and overthinking. The melancholic piano theme is being moved forward by ominous strings, ticking and tense sounds.

Still Alive

This is an emotional feel minimal track. It invokes feelings of thoughts after something horrible occurred or a situation where a decision must be made that will change life forever. it uses electric keys, guitar and has a human heartbeat to emphasize the human side of the emotions.

A Darker Tension Bed

This is a dark ominous tension bed consisting of different elements like piano, synth, bass, guitars and strings to raise suspense. The addition of real recorded instruments give this piece a creepy edge. Will work very well in your game, documentary, film or other media seeking a suspenseful musica...

An Ominous Investigation Background

Dark and suspenseful background track consisting of piano, strings, synthesizers and ominous rhythmic sounds. Perfect to use in investigative documentaries, crime series, movie trailers or any other production seeking a suspenseful musical background.

A Dark Secret Suspenseful Background

An ominous brooding background track consisting of piano, strings and synthesizers. The slow creeping developing music leaves space for narration or other elements and is therefore perfectly suitable to use in your film, documentary or other production.

Hesitation and Worry Background

A suspenseful and melancholic background track painting an ominous and tense atmosphere. The central piano theme is moved forward by ticking and other rhythmic elements.

Thorough Investigation Background

Suspenseful background music track to support media with a tense and or investigative atmosphere. The combination of marimba, piano and synthesizers keep the arrangement moving along. Will work perfectly in documentaries, film or any other media seeking tense musical reinforcement.

il sospettoso

suspicious atmosphere.... suspicious and dramatic interweaving of haunting violins Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com/

Epic cinema 8

atmosphere with choirs angelic and suspicious children choirs heroic and adventure Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com/
Yann Keerim
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