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toy's marimba

toy's for children Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com/


A cheerful, positive, summer track specially recorded for use in video blogs and other positive projects. Perfectly suitable for children’s programs and advertising. The archive includes three versions: full – 2:20, short – 0:26, background – 1:13.

Holiday High

Upbeat, Bouncy but yet mellow and heartwarming Christmas/Holiday Season Instrumental.

Toy Toy Toy Quirky Ident

Funny quirky theme featuring the ambiguous lyrics “Toy Toy Toy, Mai-die Mai-die Mai”. The theme is easily recognizable and therefore perfect to use in commercials, animation or in fact any other media production seeking sonic branding that will stick. Instruments deployed are marimba, bell, guit...


Happy & Fun electro pop track with piano, and electronic drums. Fits for summer videos, kids videos and more.

Neural Network

Futuristic sounding pop with synth pads and light synth patterns.

Kids Playing

A very bright and cheerful track. A playful and cheeky duet of subtle ukulele and bouncy rhodes creates the mood of careless childhood when everything can be funny or curious, time of vibrant joy and games. The music will be perfect for any videos with toddlers, pets, animals, as well as cartoons, o...

Happy Playful Child

Happy theme that will be a good soundtrack for the video with the children, animals and comic situations. Live guitar, xylophone, accordion and synthesizer creates sunny mood and carefree feeling.

Skeleton Shuffle (Creepy Halloween)

A piece that's only a little scary and doesn't take itself too seriously, so perfectly matches the spirit of Halloween! It comes in 3 project ready edits and works well with trick or treat videos, spooky kids dress up parties and more. Great for use as trailer music for spooky cartoons, mystery docu...

Christmas Dreams

Bright and cozy. Playful yet elegant music theme. Non-distracting elements for the perfect description of family moments during Christmas time!

Pink Toy (Juicy Synth)

Electro Dance track starts all moody and meditational and then goes bonkers... end trippy again. It is what it is!


This optimistic and happy kids royalty free music track will follow you wherever you go around the house with its high summer mood and relaxed sound! Just like the kids! Featuring optimistic sounds of piano, bells, bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion and claps, this elegant and cheerful...
Yann Keerim
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