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Summer Love

A light pleasant dance composition recorded using acoustic guitars, pianos and percussion instruments. Nice motive and positive mood of the track will make your video amazing.


Danger hides in the shadows. We spend our childhoods convincing ourselves that the dark holds terrible secrets and evil deeds and as we grow, we realise that it is worse than our young minds could have imagined and that true terror will follow you into the darkness. This can be taken literally, ...

Funny Background

Instrumental music made for ukulele, piano and acoustic instruments. The mood is happy and cheerful and transmits positiveness. This music is made for very positive and fun topics, childhood and joyful and happy situations. Nice background for advertisng, tutorials and other projects with positive a...

No more

A motivational track

Happy Childhood

Here is fairy childish mood in this track. You can hear strings and bells, piano and acoustic guitar, a lot of percussion and double bass. This light-hearted mood track best suited in cartoons and child oriented fairytales films, nice and gentle family videos and commercials. Cheerful melody will be...

Acoustic Indie Cinematic - Loop Version

This one is a background acoustic music soundtrack for wedding videos, romantic scenes or childhood memories project. It also works best for motivational inspirational videos, corporate presentations, websites, slideshows, videos on YouTube. Features electric and acoustic guitars, bass and piano. Th...

Acoustic Guitar - Corporate Luck

Corporate, inspirational, happy and optimistic track. Live acoustic guitars, bass, uplifting drums and piano. Fun, childhood mood. Fits commercial, flash website and animation or family and children project.

Calliope and Popcorn

This is an electronic, orchestral instrumental, with a calliope as the main instrument. Should evoke feelings of the circus and fun, childhood entertainment and joy.
Yann Keerim
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