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Singer songwriter, obsessed with creating 60s and 70s style rock and folk, and all forms of psychedelia. Non-conformist to modern pop structure, influenced by improvised and extended melodies, jazz, blues, alternative rock. Open to commissions for tracks and theatre scores etc

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Don't Let Me Down

Mostly instrumental finishing with a choral section which asks the listener not to 'let me down'. Guitar solo and jazz piano interweave through this beautiful melancholic track.

Who Am I?

Who are we? Who am I? The dissection of ourself. Are we our thoughts? Our reactions to the world? Are we our relationships or the things we do? How should we feel about our impact on the world and all the people in it?

There's A Place I Will Miss

A relationship, bright and easy and loving, but then love goes away. The need to blame, especially another party who may have helped to end everything. That feeling of losing someone close and trying to hold it together, living through the grief and the feeling of death that pervades all.


Danger hides in the shadows. We spend our childhoods convincing ourselves that the dark holds terrible secrets and evil deeds and as we grow, we realise that it is worse than our young minds could have imagined and that true terror will follow you into the darkness. This can be taken literally, ...

How Can We Believe In Love?

It is time to question God and our relationship with him. Science tells us that we are made up of atoms that existed in stars first created at the time of the big bang. This makes everyone of us older than all earlier concepts of gods, it makes us as old as the universe. Thinking like this allo...
Yann Keerim
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