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Fun composition made for pianos, guitar and ukulele. The music is light, playful and the mood is happy and joyful. The composition starts with the ukulele playing the main chords of the composition, and then, the incorporation of pianos and guitars increase the happiness and positive feelings. This ...

Hawaiian Carefree Ukulele

Hawaiian Carefree Ukulele is music in Hawaiian and island style. Joyful friendly acoustic relaxing Hawaiian island music made by ukulele, acoustic guitar, a bit of shakers and smooth acoustic bass.

Ocean Breeze (Hawaiian Vacation)

Hawaiian track filled with percussive instruments, ukulele, steel guitars for the perfect tropical vibes. Suitable for commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational info-graphics.

Epic Massive Hybrid Orchestral

This massive epic hybrid cinematic trailer track is perfect for trailers, promos, reels and any emotional dramatic action project! Full range of orchestral instruments is used here including orchestral strings, choirs, brass, french horns, orchestral drums and percussions mixed with a rich variety o...

Epic Action Trailer

Modern, epic & intense Hollywood style trailer cue which slowly builds up to a hard hitting, high impact cinematic trailer track, Huge, epic, Hollywood style trailer sounds, hard hitting percussion, cinematic orchestra sections (stings and brass) and twisted synth risers.

Be Epical

An orchestral, dramatic, epic, heroic, inspiring and powerful cinematic music for your project. This epic track is perfect for a video games / films / movie trailer and any other project that needs heroic and emotional epic music. Featuring piano, rhythmic strings, powerful horns and epic percussion

Yann Keerim
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