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Sahara Princess

This is an inspirational middle eastern cinematic world music with Female Vocals. Great for travel and journey trailer, oriental videos, middle east and desert background, ethnic landscapes, arabian ethnic culture and egypt traditions scenes, arab and mediterranean documentary films, persian and tu...

Choirs of the Gates of Heaven

Soft, relaxing, meditative and inspiring Original contemporary track made with Full Choirs and orchestra. The track is perfect for all kinds of projects from montages, films, movies, various soundtracks, video games, photography projects, religion based projects, presentations, timelapses.

Epic Cinematic Fantasy Vocal

A powerful track with emotional, inspiring solo female vocals and full orchestra. Ideal for any project with an epic feel.

Arabic Mystery

Ambient track features a Clarinet playing a middle eastern-inspired melody over a bed of soft, sustaining strings and mystery voices.

Epic Inspiring Trailer

Powerful Epic and heroic soundtrack for your media project. Motivational and cinematic track for beautiful epic moments, action or adventure videos.

Slow Adrenaline

Cool, mysterious and confident big beat with claps, hip hop, techno music track with solid, bubbling bass line, driving drums and energetic percussion. A downtempo electronica / electro-chill track with a sense of technology. Compelling and magnetic track that speak of temptation and seduction.


Thunderous percussion, ostinato string patterns & pulsating bass for this epic track.

Unravels the Truth

The build up is slow into a melodic yet unsettling drop with strings and crushed drums that resemble a gun shot. Builds to a very dramatic end hit and is perfect for trailer, chase or sci-fi usage. Tension situations, horror scenes, dark sinister drama. Epic, war mongering track of power and majesty

Powerful Strings Inspirations

Orchestral track with melodic strings, deeply emotional, heart wrenching overture, professes romantic love, everlasting for your lover.

Discovering Africa

The sound of the African Jungle in all its splendor. African drums and big orchestra in a very dynamic track perfect for African landscapes. Voyage to the Bottom of Africa with its waterfalls. The jungle in pure. Wild animals in the Savannah. exotic, that lead the Horn of Africa or to the Safaris.

The Long Journey

Orchestral music with chinese instruments. Taiko drums. Beautiful Boys chorus voice of ancient zither guqin with distant sounds of Chinese percussion. A soothing sound that invites contemplation and meditation. Soft, elegant, sweet, exotic, and a bit sad. Western orchestral strings. Epic and Melanch...

Valentina's Death

Deep sorrow over the death of a loved one with melancholy cries of pain. Solemn and tragic female choir with synths and strigs. Is perfect for romantic drama, ending along term relationship or the end of a fierce battle. Emotional voices deeply that evokes the nostalgic, lord of the rings music.

Joyful Moments

Uplifting, driving, cool, light pop-rock, Easy-going, sincere and positive. Acoustic guitar rhythm with electric slide guitars. Pop rock track by a steady guitar, bass, and drum grove. Sounds like David Bowie in Space Oddity. Corporate branding, ad campaigns, technology, business development.

Mediterranean Style Presentation

Spanish style track where festive Pop flamenco rumba is mixing with multi layered drums and percussion and lively guitar. Dancing and happy fiesta celebration feel. Upbeat and melodic Latin style track with lively percussion, spanish guitar riffs, acoustic and bass. Full of passion and excitemt.

Indigenous Action Electro-Orchestral

Full of drama, tension and atmospheric action and fantasy orientated composition for big tribal drums, low strings and World Flutes like Pan Pipes or Bulgarian Piccolo. It starts out rather soft but then builds into an epic climax. Huge drums highlight this piece, enhanced by low drones, pads.


A positive and optimistic acoustic track with guitars, piano, upright bass and pop drums-percussion. Uplifting and inspirational pop building up with a beautiful staccato piano sound accompanied by acoustic guitar. This is energizing, positive & inspiring high quality soft pop.Romantic electric guit...

Ethereal Tin Whistle

Traditional Irish wind instrument with dramatic folk atmosphere in the first part. NO drums. String section and Full orchestra building an adventure track in the second part. Triumphal and catchy melody. Celtic dream instrumental air. Guitar. Beautiful ambient-esque traditional European. Brave.

Corporate Progress

Arpeggiated synth opening followed by an upbeat and positive piano/synth instrumental. A Good Day features piano, echoed synthesizer, Multipurpose corporate media for many uses. uplifting and positive, medium tempo electronica/trance track. A floating and airy Pop-Ambient crossover track.

Xiao Melody

Catchy xiao melody. Calm and very deeply track with an old Japan instrument similar to a flute. Evokes the landscapes of Japan and its traditionals folk sounds. Perfect for documentaries or travel channels. Tribal and ethnic track with wind instrument. Oriental. New years music And festival music.


Relaxing Japanese music with koto, magical tremolo and nature ambient ideal for relaxing after a long hard day of work with a pleasant shower. Quiet music that inspires peace with traditional Japanese sounds. It evokes the blue birds singing love of nature or children singing in the rice harvest.

Ali Baba

Very exotic with mystery and romance stories. Spiritual dance Turkish perfect for creative and commercial productions uses. Middle East European music. Sexy dancing background for mistery trailer. Ethno world and multicultural.
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