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Drops from the Sky (piano version)

The most lively and natural sounds are the sounds of nature. Rain, thunder, wind, they are as much alive as you can hear ! These are: gentle flutes, formidable double basses, and piano passages ! Everything that your heart desires !

Such a thing is Love

This story, most likely, lived in every heart ! But if you still have not experienced these living emotions, then you just need to feel it !!!

Jam With Your Soul

A mid-slow tempo Funky style track with a catchy electric guitar riff and an elegant vibe.

High Surf

Surf California Indie, laid-back, feel-good, love-life, take it slow, cruise and enjoy the sun, enjoy the ride.

Behind You

An horror movie theme, with a solo cello melody that grows slowly with guitars, piano and drums


Atmospheric ambient track using an air pad and synthesized sharp sounds. This is an excellent choice for space, relaxation, documentary, meditation, science fiction, slowdown, adventure and many other your projects.


This is a modern, emotional experimental track using pianos in reverse, sharp electronic sounds, staccato strings, electric guitars and deep rhythm sections. It's great for time-slaps, nature, presentations, youtube, documentary and many other your projects.

Timelapse Lounge

Experimental track with the use of voice samples, pianos, strings and slow rhythm section for timelapse video, lounge, travel, relaxation, youtube and many other your projects.

Timelapse Ambient

A minimalistic atmospheric track using bells, arpeggios, pianos and a deep rhythm section for documentary, TV, background music, presentations, radio, marketing, business, promotions and many other projects.

Space Relaxing Ambient

Atmospheric ambient track with soothing moving pad. Perfect for soothing and beautiful videos.


Calm ambient cinematic track with a string group, harp, slow rhythm section and a small glitch effects. It is well suited for presentations, advertisements, slow-mo, trailers and more.

Rising Cosmic Ambient Horror

Growing deep space sounds are very quiet in a very loud sound. Perfectly suitable for horror movies, movies about space, and more.

Inspiring Ambient Corporate

"Inspiring Ambient Corporate" is a slow building ambient guitar track with steady rock drums, gentle bass guitar and soft piano progression. This track will immediately bring you to a place of hope, love, inspiration, courage and optimism. Perfect for indie films, vlogs, corporate background, commer...

Long Rising Horror Ambient

Growing from the silence to a very loud, chaotic with the atmosphere of horror noisy sound with the use of a cinematic string section with a reverse. This is good for creating fear, horror movies, anxiety and other terrible projects.

Inspiring Future

This is an inspiring, experimental background track using sharp synth sounds, arpeggiators, sweep pads, deep bass and slow drum loops for presentations, advertising, technology, medicine and other your projects.

Epic Slow Music

Calm cinematic music using piano, orchestra and epic percussion. This track is a good choice for cool mo, trailer, teasers, presentations, timelaps and many other projects.
Yann Keerim
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