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Alternative Rock Trailer

Powerful and energetic alternative hard action rock soundtrack rocking in the style of the early nineties. Featuring distorted deep bass, dirty action drums, frantic overdrive guitar riffs and atmospheric synth pad plus some additional extreme alternative effects that make the overdrive rock sound m...

An Endless Adventure

This one is an Epic Cinematic Score featuring an epic orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, big cinematic percussion and atmospheric pianos. Epic Cinematic Score is a song filled with life, dramatic moments, excitement and strong and powerful vibes and mood. This music background is great for ...

Sport Rock Teaser

Sport powerful and energy rock track. Featuring distortion guitars, bass, drums, synths, impacts etc. Perfect for extreme sports videos, motorsports, action, show reels, cars, speed, go pro, bikes and more sports or action projects.

Hot Rock Intro

An energetic and driving rock intro, with aggressive electric guitars, edgy drums and bass and synth keyboards. Perfect for motivational, sport, extreme, adventure, workout videos, and everywhere a fast dynamic ident is needed.

War Thunder

This metal track is perfect for trailers, extreme-, sport- and other dynamic videos.

The Rock

The powerful cinematic rock. This track is perfect for everything: trailers, extreme sports, car commercials, driving videos, and much more!

March of the Dead

Heavy alternative track with guitars, bass, drums and FX. Perfect for extreme, cars, sports and other dynamic videos.


Heavy industrial track with low guitars, punchy drums and fx’s Perfect for extreme, sport and other videos and ads.
Yann Keerim
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