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Relaxing peaceful piano

Easy relaxing piano with the strings, creating a peaceful atmosphere and mood of satisfaction.

Hold positive music background

Positive background music expectations, lifting the mood and the atmosphere of happiness and kindness.

Fashion Week

Fashion Week is chill house theme, perfect for fashion videos, fashion show, spa & fitness commercials, hotel promo, travel companies, airline companies etc..

Romantic wedding piano

Romantic, peaceful piano and strings, immersing in the atmosphere of love and giving a happy mood.

Romantic (wedding soft slideshow piano)

Easy romantic piano with the strings in a very relaxing atmosphere with a wonderful mood.


Lounge track featuring clarinet as lead instrument. Easy, relaxing and mid tempo track for use as background music. The track can be used in travel videos.

Kaval Song

Lounge track featuring kaval as lead instrument. Atmospheric and nostalgic sound. It can be used as a backround for presentations, travel videos, meditation, café, hotel, commercials, documentary.

Holiday calm ambience piano

Calm positive peaceful piano with percussion and bells, creating a light festive atmosphere and a happy mood. Ideal for videos and slideshows with themes of romance, celebration, relationships and presentations.


A stylish and sensual trip down liquid inter-dimensional rabbit holes in nature! Also classy enough for timelapse videos, scuba diving and tourism!

Romantic sensual piano

Light romantic piano, creating a sensual atmosphere and happy mood.

Playful Kitty

Cute fluffy kitten is cute and fluffy! Lol actually you can easily use this as an underscore for anything cute and innocent.


Relax... leave it all behind. RnB smooth and sexy vibes.

Cyclic Ways (Triphop)

Trippy instrumental with natural ambient sounds and non-distracting flowing melodies.

Beatitude (Peaceful romantic piano)

A calm piano composition that creates a romantic atmosphere and a peaceful mood. Combined with relaxation, romantic, wedding, commercial projects, animation, infographics, youtube content, etc.

Rest on the shore (Elegant peaceful piano)

A calm piano composition that creates a relaxed atmosphere and a calming mood. Combined with relaxation, calm, romantic videos, commercial projects, animations, slideshows, youtube content, etc.

Nowhere to Run (version 4 only piano dry)

A Motivational cinematic and emotional piano background track perfect for any film, documentary or trailer.

Nowhere to Run (version 3)

A Motivational cinematic and emotional piano background track perfect for any film, documentary or trailer.
Yann Keerim
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