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Beautiful Moment (Underscore)

Modern and contemporary track with smooth piano, strings, acoustic guitars, muted guitar, deep sidechained bass and electro drums. The inspiring and motivational vibes gives to a track the uplifting atmosphere. Perfect for your corporate projects, slideshows, presentations, promotional videos, adver...

Deep Blue Ocean Underscore

contemporary indie electro pop with influences from nineties synth pop and electronica, and Cool and glamourous electro house pop with a laid back ambient feel. Catchy, upbeat, high energy and uplifting electronica, this is a very popular genre right now (Jess Glynne, Kiesza, Clean Bandit)

Funky Cool Piano Underscore

Upbeat, energetic, happy and inspiring contemporary track featuring claps, stomps, piano and double bass. With an old school influence rooted in the jazz of Dave Brubeck (Unsquare Dance) with a contemporary edge which creates a sound you hear in commercials, corporate & business projects, and all ki...

Glamour Time Underscore

Cool and glamourous electro house pop with a laid back almost ambient feel. Suitable for fashion shows, this groovy track mixed with a modern house groove, creates a luxury and sexy atmosphere of fashion parties and high end brand presentation. Use as background for fashion programs, Youtube videos ...

Neon Nights Underscore

Modern contemporary indie electro pop with influences from eighties synth pop snd synthwave, minimal hip-hop, and Ambient Trap (trapstep). haunting synths, laid back beats, and pianos all combine to create a track as perfect for corporate and media placements as it is TV and movies. A combination o...

RetroCool Underscore

Modern contemporary minimal indie electro pop with influences from eighties synth pop snd synthwave. Appealing to a wide demographic with one foot in the retro past and one in contemprary dance and electro music. Similar to the music of The XX

Inspiring Acoustic Ballad (Underscore Version)

Pleasant, positive and romantic acoustic guitar track with a slight folk touch, accompanied by marimba and soft percussion. Great for photo slide shows, nature, family, travel videos, commercials and advertising, YouTube videos and more.

Boss Battle (Underscore)

Energetic and dramatic music, great for use in games, trailers and projects that need a lively, exciting soundtrack. Available in three versions.

Lounge (Underscore)

Lovely background music, soft, romantic, relax and inspirational track. Instruments features acoustic and mute guitar, strings, synthetic bells, piano, smooth pads, synthesizer, bass, drums and percussion. Perfect for winter landscape background, photo sequences, tv projects, inspirational videos, f...

Fly Away (Underscore)

Dreamy and rhythmic electro pop track includes a large number of synthetic sounds, melodic lines and reefs, creating a pleasant and uplifting. Use this song in your videos where there are ups and landing flying machines where you need to express the feeling of flying.

Sad Love Store (Underscore)

An music of love, love that is stronger than anything. This song gives a sign that this love will be eternal until the end of life, love can not be separated from life. This instrumental track can be used as a soundtrack or background music in films, photo slideshow, memorial video and more.

Dramatic Underscore

Positive heroic orchestral theme for a courageous hero (or superhero). Noble, daring, brave, and overall good. Superheros are a bit dark and edgy these days, this is a throwback to when heroes fought for truth and justice. Starts slow and builds up to a main melody which is repeated three times. T...

Inspiring Action (Underscore)

Light, inspiring, dance motivational corporate track with positive atmosphere. Perfect for action or sport sequences, Videohive videos or any project where a sense of energy is required.

Just Be Happy (Underscore)

Warm, carefree and upbeat track that brings thoughts of summer and happy days in the sun, and will most definitely will leave you feeling good and with a smile on your face! This track can be used for advertising, family videos, happy slideshows, music for children, backgrounds, cheerful and fun You...

Spirit of Nature (Underscore)

The feeling of peace and beauty of nature. The return of autumn with its colors, its smells and its memories. Track is very versatile and can be used for many types of video projects such as – background music fantasy and mystical themes, documentaries on nature and the outdoors, travel and w...

Energy Express (Underscore)

Structure of Energy Express hi-tech electronic track. Devoted to technology, innovations, creativity. Perfect background music for technical presentations, high tech and computer related podcasts or for any project that needs a modern stylish atmosphere.

Relax (Underscore)

This is soft calming ambient music with relaxing peaceful feeling and soothing calm mood. Sounds relaxed and dreamy, easy and warm, chilled and soft. It produced with piano and male voice melody, slide guitar, electric guitar, fretless bass, some gentle synths, soft rhythm section and some percussio...

Success Corporate (Underscore)

A fresh and clean background track with orchestral elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Great for corporate and inspirational business projects.

Tropical Summer (Underscore)

This is an ethnic peaceful track. Imagine yourself watching over vegetated mountains or endless green rice fields. That’s Asia Landscape. Track features bolivian panpipes, ukulele, mandolina, accordion, marimba, acoustic guitar, and a nice world beat drum kit as base and also a tin whistle an...

Feel Like Smiling (Underscore)

This happy and funny track can be used for advertising,commercial, motivational videos, music for children, presentation, backgrounds, applications, inspiring videos, viral marketing, films and radio, summer videos, happy slideshows, family videos, corporate projects, cheerful and fun Youtube videos...

Primeval Underscore

Pulsating tribal beats illustrate an exoticism and vibrancy of modern day travel. Featuring tribal percussion and kalimba, Primeval is the perfect backdrop to news, travelogue's, holiday, etc.
Yann Keerim
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