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Inspiring Acoustic Ballad (Underscore Version)

Pleasant, positive and romantic acoustic guitar track with a slight folk touch, accompanied by marimba and soft percussion. Great for photo slide shows, nature, family, travel videos, commercials and advertising, YouTube videos and more.

Boss Battle (Underscore)

Energetic and dramatic music, great for use in games, trailers and projects that need a lively, exciting soundtrack. Available in three versions.

Forward Energy (Driving Corporate Underscore)

Very energetic and modern underscore with synths, drums, bells and bass. The track gives plenty of room for a voiceover to be included in your video, and the ending gives a perfect opportunity to place your company logo. Perfect for an infomercial, demonstration video, corporate video or trailer...

War Preperations (Cinematic Heroic Underscore)

Cinematic and ambient underscore, in the style of Gladiator and similar (war/heroic) movies. The track includes various cinematic percussion, Viola da Gamba, brass, strings, woodwinds and choir shouts. It has 2 parts with accents that give that epic/heroic feel to it, followed by an ambient and cal...

The Journey (Dramatic Underscore)

Sad and melancholic track with a lead Clarinet melody. In the second part, Strings take over. Suitable for all kinds of different projects. The ending is very basic with the return of the piano.

No Matter What (Dramatic Underscore)

Sad and melancholic track with an Alto Flute as lead melody. Suitable for all kinds of different projects.

Investigating The Scene (Dark Suspicious Underscore)

A dark, suspicious and suspenseful underscore for a chilling movie, TV or game scene. It has a CSI-like feel to it, for when characters are processing a crime scene, or working in a lab. This piece was inspired by those scenes from the TV show :) The track has a slow and minimalistic buildup to ...

Dramatic Underscore

Positive heroic orchestral theme for a courageous hero (or superhero). Noble, daring, brave, and overall good. Superheros are a bit dark and edgy these days, this is a throwback to when heroes fought for truth and justice. Starts slow and builds up to a main melody which is repeated three times. T...

Primeval Underscore

Pulsating tribal beats illustrate an exoticism and vibrancy of modern day travel. Featuring tribal percussion and kalimba, Primeval is the perfect backdrop to news, travelogue's, holiday, etc.

Cut Culture (Underscore version)

Here's a cool, laid back, hip hop track along the lines of DJ Premier and Wu tang Clan. The opening baseline and hi-hats create a gangster vibe which soon mellows into a more melodic and jazzy feeling chorus section. Great for any scene set late at night and also works well for urban culture scenes....

Dreams of Peace (Underscore version)

An ethereal Eastern theme with a tranquil mood & a hint of playful mystery. Similar in style to contemporary film scores such as Life Of Pi.

Bollywood Seduction (Underscore version)

Seductive Bhangra rhythms with a sweet, erotic female vocal. Playful flutes & sitars add to the intrigue, charm and coquettish humour to this chilled out Eastern style dance track.

Under a Big Sky (Underscore version)

A filmic soundscape with a melancholic dream-like quality. Similar in style to contemporary film scores such as Life Of Pi.

Sacred Aura (Underscore version)

Provocative Eastern tinged cello lines add mystery and intrigue to this brooding underscore. A mournful female vocal sings over sweeping chords at 1:21.

Road to Bombay (Underscore version)

Retro sounding Bollywood style tune with a crazy sitar line over a driving sixties workout.

Land of Secrets (Underscore version)

Brooding atmospherics as a distant vocal drifts across a deep menacing soundscape. At 1:38 soaring chords take the forefront offering hope & dignity. The track resolves with a feeling of pride and optimism.

Irresistible Force (Underscore version)

Brooding dance rhythms & electronica fused with a provocative Eastern flavour & a growing feeling of intrigue, excitement & menace. Builds to a blistering climatic shift at 1:45.

India Celebration (Underscore version)

Traditional instruments fused with colourful Bhangra rhythms. Alluring female vocal lines add a sense of erotic mystique.

Festival Colours (Underscore version)

Traditional sounding Eastern rhythms & instruments with a playful festive feel. A useful accompaniment to a hot, exciting atmosphere.

Beyond the Void (Underscore version)

A dark dystopian landscape with a driving rhythmic bass, pounding drums and blistering feedback. Resolves at 1:10 with a huge sweeping chord.
Yann Keerim