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Happy Summer Reggae Background

"Happy Summer Reggae Background" - The Perfect Soundtrack for Your Tropical Adventures! Are you searching for the ideal background music to bring the spirit of summer, fun, and relaxation to your videos, documentaries, promotions, or vlogs? Look no further! We present to you "Happy Summer Reggae ...

Hot Summer Fun

This is a royalty-free pop track that features acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion elements. The mood is laidback and sunshiny. Perfect for entertainment videos, advertisement, presentations and a lot more.

The Road Ahead

A trendy, ambient royalty-free track, with acoustic guitar, piano, strings, and steady drums, best for ads, presentations, podcasts, or vlogs. Loop version included.

Dreamy Sunset Melodies

A chill and meditative lofi chillhop track. It features gentle, comforting ambient sounds and mellow beats. Perfect for studying, nature scenery, calm and relaxing video compilations, vlogs, urban video productions, films, art projects, documentaries, visual storytelling and more.

Say You Will

Chill, laid-back, lo-fi hip-hop beat with vocals. Perfect background music for vlogs, TV, and ads.

Pensive Mood

A mellow jazz track with piano, upright bass, and drums suitable for film/tv scenes that requires a laid back jazz backgrounds, an intimate moment, or a quiet romantic night.

Calling Onward

A laid-back, march-like acoustic background with a melodic vocal "oh" chant.

Chill Factor (Chillout)

A gentle and tender musical theme for photo montages, nature scenes and sensitive subjects of all kinds. Smooth-sailing and reminiscent.

Candela (Flamenco)

Fiery and passionate flamenco instrumental with the traditional sound of 2 Spanish guitars and hand clapping. Romantic, valiant and melodic. This track, being slightly over-the-top, could also be (and has been) used to underscore comedy. Instrumental, Latin, Flamenco
Yann Keerim
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