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The Colors of Fate

An inspiring, uplifting and motivational aesthetic rock music with awesome live electric guitars, incredible guitar solo(perfomed by professional guitar player, groovy drums, rock bass, staccatto strings, solo duduk and flute. Best choice for cinematic projects, movie trailers and soundtracks, broad...

Funny Pigs

Uplifting energetic indie rock tune with cool guitar riffs, stomps, claps and big drums, best for ads, trailers, extreme sports visuals or trendy video games


This stylish and groovy indie rock music will be perfect for your advertising, presentation, action promotional video, trailer and many more

Rise of the Legend

An inspiring, sport motivating epic track with high quality sound and groovy beat. Includes cinematic strings and brass, electric drums, synths, pads, piano, transition effects. Best choice for blockbuster movies, sport and motivational videos, video games, teasers, trailers, youtube videos etc.

Innovation News

An inspiring, modern royalty free music theme with a warm piano, synths, orchestral strings, brass and cool beats, best for TV shows, news, trailers, science or tech vlogs.

News Flash

An intro for a breaking news show or a special report. Dramatic, grand, orchestral with a touch of electronic.

Fast Dynamic Percussion Rhythmic Stomps

Fast Dynamic Percussion Rhythmic Stomps is a original track with lots of drums. Perfect for tv advertising, youtube videos, fast dynamic titles videos, slideshows and much more!

Electro Pow

EDM track with a nostalgic 90s tension, informative vibes. Climactic feel to the strings and synth arps great for news & current events, infomercials, or corporate business content

Burning Man March

EDM march in a celebratory and patriotic vibe with choir hums and synth leads to create a modern hipster feel. Great for corporate ads, news and current affairs, and infomercials

Crazy Race

Race car, sports video, game screensaver,criminal news, extreme videos, action commercials, sports timelaps, workouts, video blogs,and more.

Harder than Metal

Instrumental hard rock music composed for electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion, ideal for fitness, crossfit and sport topics in advertising, tv shows and training. Also great for action and motion scenes in films and tv series.

Hard to Break

Instrumental hard rock music composed for electric guitars, bass, drums and vocals, perfect dynamic music for sport, workout and action in films, tv series, advertising and commercials.

Yann Keerim
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