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Energetic Percussive Stomp Beat

An energetic, dynamic royalty free percussive track with claps, stomps, snaps, percussion, kick, shakers, ideal for ads, sport, urban, advertising, AE templates or any dynamic related content!

Epic Sports Trailer

This is an epic and powerful track that features a groovy drums beat, violins, distorted guitars and synths. Its melody is made to inspire and to motivate. It can be used in a variety of projects like action and sports videos, trailers, teasers, advertising, commercials and other high-paced projects...

Heavy and Energetic Sports Percussive Stomp

Upbeat and energetic percussion track with stomp, claps, snaps and powerful cinematic drums. Perfect to use as a background music in action, sports videos, commercials and advertising, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, podcast and vlog. 120 BPM. No content ID/Youtube safe

Political Polarization Ethnic Tension Background

A dense, dark and suspenseful background track indicating conflict, struggle or other problems. The nature of the track lends itself perfectly to be used in the background of your production without getting in the way. There is an extra version without the Duduk included for situations where the m...

Tournament Rock

Tournament Rock is high energy track with drums, guitars, synths and samples. Perfect for dynamic sport videos, extreme videos, cars-, bikes and more.

Extreme Intro

Extreme Sports Logo/Intro in a modern aggressive and powerful metal style. Track with catchy, stylish guitars that combine heavy metal riffs, groovy and energetic bass, powerful drums.


A epic, rousing, uplifting orchestral track that conveys a sense of achievement, hope and anticipation. After a calm, reflective start a deep, driving rhythmic percussion section begins, soon joined by soaring strings and victorious horns, all building to an exhilarating, triumphant climax.

Weekly news

Minimal electronic background, creating a modern technological atmosphere and an optimistic mood. In combination with technological, scientific, corporate videos, news, educational, promotional videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

News Loop

Dynamic orchestral music loop for news on TV and radio. It`s great for news backgrounds, intros, for openers or other kind of presentation.

Under Pressure Ident

Suspenseful ident consisting of brooding rhythms, piano and synthesizers. Perfect to use in documentaries, investigations, news items, movies or games. If you are looking for an intro displaying a feeling of danger and urgency, this could work very well.

Call Your Dream LoFi

Call Your Dream LoFi is Excellent background music, suitable for various projects, music of the highest quality commercial level! Professionally seasoned demanding! Positive feedback from many consumers! Best for documenter and lifestyle shows, vlogs, and commercials and other video project

Fun Cook (Dreaming Fun Instrumental)

Fun Cook (Dreaming Fun Instrumental) with Horn, Grand Piano, Bells, Marimba, Dum, Bass, and other Instrumental

Alternative Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass track with cool overdrive alternative guitar riff and drumstep, drum and bass elements. Fast and energetic composition for sports, extreme and dynamic videos.

TV Background Loop

Ambient electronic background news music loop, excellent for broadcast news, evening news, 24 news and weather report, primetime news, global news. Corporate financial, global media music background.

News Loop

Dynamic orchestral music loop for news on TV and radio. It`s great for news backgrounds, intros, for openers or other kind of presentation.

News Intro

A short sketch on orchestral instruments for the news intro or jingle between scenes, programs on television and radio news broadcasts. Useful for ringtone, jingle, screensaver, intro, outro videos.

Yann Keerim
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