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Cinematic intense trailer track will be perfect for trailers, teasers, openers, soundtrack, blockbuster trailer, hollywood action movie trailer, cyberpunk trailers, game trailers or commercials

Wild Fire

Atmospheric and intense trailer music. Perfect choice for dark movies, games, teasers, promos and more


Cinematic Trailer is a powerful, action music with a strong energy, electronic synths, that fused together to create the right mood for your movie trailer or epic video

A Bad Spell (Creepy Halloween)

A magical sounding, fantasy themed orchestral underscore that is full of evil sorcery. It features bells, strings, brass and woodwind sections, orchestral percussion and theremin. Works with fantasy themed movies, trailers, games and animation. Also great with Halloween content. 3 edits available.

Happy Halloween

This is a scary and spooky audio track perfect to set a Halloween mood in your project! This track featuring strings and brass sections, harpsichord, percussion. Suitable for any projects, including Halloween films, tutorials, dark holiday videos, web, app, game, radio, TV and Youtube.


Scary intense horror Halloween song. Great for vlogs, youtube videos, halloween theme, tv and adverts.

Spooky Halloween Soundtrack - Chill & Chills

Spooky Trap beat about Horror & Death. Features female humming Vocal, Great church organ. Sounds like Lady Humming. Vintage texture track with Gothic mystery elements. Possibly for Radio or Podcasts, Works well in Smoky forest Scenes, Holiday & trips, Horror comedy, children's cartoons, Tv shows. Fe...

Infinite Black [Scary Halloween]

A spooky dark cinematic track that uses Shepard's tone illusion, with Music Box, metal guitar and frightening sfx. Perfect for trailers, video games, scary films and Halloween contents.


A distorted ambient piano piece with a looping strong motif.


A droning ambient electric guitar piece with melodic sound design, ideal for horror genres.

Smoke (disturbing, evil, crime, drug, triphop, bad)

Disturbing music. Perfect for a scene with an evil character, for a catastrophe, or as a background for images of destruction, squalor, crime, drug addiction.

Darkwave Horror

Gloomy, doomed and dark composition for your video, audio collections and other projects!

Forest Hunt (Horror Thriller)

Horror-Thriller classical action and tension for orchestra. Tense, building with hit points.

Night Escape (Tension Suspense)

Dark landscape & eerie suspense in slow tempo for orchestra. Good for tension mysterious situations or psychological thriller & crime in progress.

Quirky and Spooky

An eccentric classical Halloween track featuring strings like violin, viola, cello, bass, and woodwinds like piccolo, bassoon, flute, and clarinet. It is perfect background music for movies, cartoons, TV shows, video games, commercials, advertisements, and more.

Yann Keerim
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