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Hell Of A Scary Night

Terrifying dramatic orchestral piece - great for horror, suspense scenes.

Haunted Manor

Terrifying dramatic orchestral piece - great for horror, suspense scenes.

Grave Walk

Spooky horror / science fiction piece with synths and sound effects.

Evil Creature

Very creepy orchestral piece with dark arrangements over pulsating percussion

Desparate Getaway

Edgy, mysterious track with driving percussion, guitar and haunting synths

Creeping Me Out

Terrifying dramatic orchestral piece - great for horror, suspense scenes.

Chased By The Devil

Gripping, dramatic film score piece with haunting arrangements and driving percussion

Uncertain Emotions

Dark, mysterious orchestral piece with suspenseful cinematic arrangements. Building throughout...

Shaking In My Boots

Chilling Horror/Suspense track with spooky orchestral arrangements.

The Fierce Event

Mysterious, haunting ambient track with spacey synths and pulsating percussion

Horrific Encounters

Tense, creepy track with dark, orchestral arrangements. Great for dramatic horror/suspense scenes.

Epic Conquest

Dramatic, tense cinematic track with gripping orchestral arrangements. Great for horror/suspense/action scenes.

Enemy In Sight

Suspenseful, dramatic orchestral piece with dark cinematic arrangements.

Sense Of Evil

Very dark and spooky track with piano and haunting synth pads. Perfect for horror/suspense/thriller/science fiction use!

Peculiar Feelings

Mysterious, haunting track with piano and ominous synths. Unusual piece with eerie orchestration.

Meeting My Demise

Mysterious, haunting piece with ominous piano melody and string accompaniment. Dark, spooky and suspenseful atmosphere.

Contagion (Dark Electro)

Dark electro track. A pulsing electro bass along with building effects give a feeling of tension and hopelessness. Perfect for portraying a bleak future or post-apocalyptic vision.


Dark and mysterious orchestral track that conveys a mood of tension and fear. Great for mystery, horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, films and video games.

Orchestral Hybrid Epic Gothic Action Choirs

Tensive powerful fantasy gothic with choirs, orchestra and synths. Dark, heroic with hitpoints and breaks, easy to cut. Great for trailer, blockbuster movie, historical documentary or wherever you need to represent something like a marching legion in a fantasy and gothic adventure. Available in: ma...

Yann Keerim
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