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Crawling in the dark

Short suspenseful underscore with ambient piano and dark drones

Creature in the Dark

A short brooding horror theme with orchestral string effects and dark ambient drones

Seeps In (Cinematic Suspense Horror)

Building, dark, bleak and extremely creepy tone to this gothic instrumental. Post apocalyptic hellscape meets intense psychological thriller. Scary but not slasher vibe. A sustained, icy tone throughout. A mix of different choir elements makes this great for horror movies, trailer & video game use.

Breaking Down 02

a moody underscore with ambient piano, dark textures and a percussive middle section

Breaking Down 01

A moody thriller underscore with acoustic piano and dark textures ion the background

Bad Dream

An eerie atmosphere with tension building up.

Crawling in the Dark

An eerie moody underscore with ghostly piano accents and dark texture in the background

Haunted House on the Hill

Creepy, tense and spooky orchestral track is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies. Dramatic and foreboding. Great for trailers, adverts, and projects that need a ghostly theme.


Action-packed track with gothic choir, pulsating percussion and powerful orchestral instruments

Spooky Halloween - Loop

Spooky Halloween is a sinister, mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects. Very useful for creating the perfect halloween atmosphere. I hope you like it.

Halloween Story - Loop

Mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects. I hope you like it.

Dark Halloween - Loop

Mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects. I hope you like it.

Crime Story - Loop

Mysterious, scary and very dark and dramatic theme for your projects. I hope you like it.

Foreign Wasteland (Mysterious Suspenseful Cinematic)

by Lucor
Mysterious and atmospheric orchestral track. Overall the piece is very quiet and mellow and great for accompanying a mystical and suspenseful scene.

Dark Caverns (Suspenseful Ominous Cinematic)

by Lucor
Dark and ominous orchestral track, which slightly lightens up at the end. Good for mysterious and atmospheric scenes.

Yann Keerim
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