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Haunted House on the Hill

Creepy, tense and spooky orchestral track is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies. Dramatic and foreboding. Great for trailers, adverts, and projects that need a ghostly theme.


Action-packed track with gothic choir, pulsating percussion and powerful orchestral instruments

Spooky Halloween - Loop

Spooky Halloween is a sinister, mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects. Very useful for creating the perfect halloween atmosphere. I hope you like it.

Halloween Story - Loop

Mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects. I hope you like it.

Dark Halloween - Loop

Mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects. I hope you like it.

Crime Story - Loop

Mysterious, scary and very dark and dramatic theme for your projects. I hope you like it.

Foreign Wasteland (Mysterious Suspenseful Cinematic)

by Lucor
Mysterious and atmospheric orchestral track. Overall the piece is very quiet and mellow and great for accompanying a mystical and suspenseful scene.

Dark Caverns (Suspenseful Ominous Cinematic)

by Lucor
Dark and ominous orchestral track, which slightly lightens up at the end. Good for mysterious and atmospheric scenes.

Creepy Effigies (Dark Ominous Horror)

by Lucor
Dark and ominous Horror track, mainly featuring an eerie Piano and haunting Strings. Ideal for your next Horror projects, such as trailers for video games and films / movies / TV, commercials, advertising, Youtube videos, background music, apps / applications and many more!

Halloween - Loop

Mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects. I hope you like it.

The Deepness

Dark, haunting track with spooky pulsating percussion and gripping arrangements. Great for horror, mystery, suspense, thriller scene.

The Crunch

Mystery/Suspense track with solid beat, dark synths and organ.


Gripping, horrifying track with franetic piano, percussion and synths. Spooky and tense.

Spine Chiller

Scary track with gripping synths, eratic percussion, and spooky pads. Great for horror, sci fi or suspense scene.

Snow Storm

Gripping, tense track with horror/suspense atmosphere. Starts slowly, building into chaotic climax.

Rush Hour

Wacky electronic track with solid groove, synths and mysterious strings. Great for mystery/suspense scene.


Dark electronic track with solid groove and edgy synths. Powerful, suspenseful atmosphere.


Tense, gripping track with dark orchestral instruments, synths and powerful percussion. Great for Horror, Thriller or Suspense scenes. Builds into a franetic climax.


Dark, mysterious electronic track with edgy guitar, spooky synths and solid beat. Great for mystery, suspense, action, sci fi scene.

Freak Show

Strange synths, sfx and percussion create this unusual arrangement. Great for horror, suspense or sci fi scene.

Yann Keerim
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