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Terrible secret (Frightening electronic music)

An unusual electronic background with a mysterious frightening atmosphere and an intimidating mood. Combined with mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, commercial projects, etc.

Fear of the unknown (Tension electronic ambient)

A frightening electronic background with a tense atmosphere and a mood of suspense. Combined with horror, suspense, thriller, suspense videos, commercial projects, etc.

Dark Theme

An instrumental orchestral track with an horror vibe, Perfect as soundtrack or as an horror/thriller show opening theme.

Cinematic Dark Rising Suspense

Starts from a low hybrid orchestral drone, slowly unfolding into an epic soundscape. With its gloomy atmosphere, it's perfect for dark passages in cinema, documentaries and trailers.

Exotic Mystery (60 sec)

Mysterious, atmospheric track with an exotic twist. Pulsating percussion, marimba, kalimba and dark synths make this a great suspenseful, light tension track for your project.

Epic Horror Trailer

Modern, epic Hollywood style trailer with huge scary impacts and depressing atmosphere. You can hear creepy mood full of suspense, glitchy modern sound design, hybrid soundscapes and textures, killer drops and heart stopping surprises, sinister and apocalyptic sounds. Perfect for TV and game trailer...

Aggressive Logo

Compact and energetic agressive logo for wide range of media projects – youtube intro, radio jingle, business corporate presentation, innovation technology commercials, extreme sport videos.

Expectation of exodus (Tension suspense electronic)

A tense electronic composition that creates an atmosphere of expectation and an anxious mood. Combined with intense movies, video games, social, suspense videos, slide shows, animation, and other projects.

Dark Valley (Suspense horror music)

Intense dark electronic music with an atmosphere of suspense and a frightening mood. Combined with horror, suspense, thriller, tense videos, commercial projects, etc

Horror Halloween

Very creepy horror track for Halloween or horror trailer. Mysterious and horror atmosphere! Perfect for Halloween, Film scores, Horror trailers, Thriller movies, Ghost stories videos, Christmas Horror videos, video games e.t.c

Horror Theme

A creepy horror theme featuring strange prepared pianos melodies, low cellos and synthesizers lines and various spooky sound effects. Perfect for horror, thriller and scifi trailers and themes, paranormal documentaries, Halloween TV/Radio specials, video games and any project that needs an eerie, su...

Mystic horror film suspense background music

Intense mystical track with an awesome atmosphere, bright frightening tools and mood of a horror film.

Yann Keerim
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