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Behind You

An horror movie theme, with a solo cello melody that grows slowly with guitars, piano and drums

Trailer for Cyberpunk

Futuristic electronic track for creating a trailer, teaser, games and other projects in a cyberpunk atmosphere.

The Cyberpunk Trailer

Futuristic electronic track for creating a trailer, teaser, games and other projects in a cyberpunk atmosphere.

Sounds of Horror

Soundscape sound to create an atmosphere of horror. Perfect for movies, trailers, sci-fi, horror, discovery videos, blockbuster teasers, tv-series, war, battle scenes, video-games and more!

Rising Cosmic Ambient Horror

Growing deep space sounds are very quiet in a very loud sound. Perfectly suitable for horror movies, movies about space, and more.


Powerful heavy trailer track. Perfect for horror, action, thriller movies and trailers. Included sound design, rockin drums, heavy guitars and electronic pads.

Long Rising Horror Ambient

Growing from the silence to a very loud, chaotic with the atmosphere of horror noisy sound with the use of a cinematic string section with a reverse. This is good for creating fear, horror movies, anxiety and other terrible projects.

Horror Epic Trailer

A powerful track using synthesized effects, low siren, staccato strings, cinematic drums for action-horror trailers, games and other visual projects.

Epic Trailer for Horror

A powerful, alarming epic track using electronic sounds, a string section, horror effects (sub FX) and a cinematic rhythm section. This is a good choice for trailers, horror, advertising, games, action videos and other projects.

Epic Horror Trailer

The choice is yours! It is a powerful, energetic cinematic track using the sound of human breathing, percussion, bells, low brass and glitch effect for creating horror trailers and other similar projects.

Electronic Trailer

This is a powerful, epic track using electronic atmospheric sounds, drums in the dubstep style to create movie trailers, action games and other cinematic projects.

Dark Soundscape

Deep, gloomy sound background for fear, horror, investigation, space, scientific documentary, TV, thriller, meditation and other atmospheric projects.


Cyberpunk is an aggressive, electronic track for action games, dynamic video, advertising, presentations and your other projects.

Yann Keerim
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