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Longings of The Heart

A beautiful, inspiring and calm solo piano music piece, with dreamy vibes, suitable for romantic love stories, weddings, slideshows, meditative, or emotional content.

Light Cinematic Indie Folk

A bright background music track, featuring smooth acoustic guitars, mellow organ, easy electric piano, relaxed drums and bass. Perfect for documentaries, commercials and advertising, corporate, travel videos, slideshows, vlogs, teaser and trailer, web page, youtube and many more.

Medieval King

An atmospheric, acoustic piece, inspired by the Middle Ages. Featuring authentic medieval instruments such as flute, lute, hurdy gurdy and hand drum. Perfect for ancient and historic scenes and settings in film, games and documentaries.

Calling Onward

A laid-back, march-like acoustic background with a melodic vocal "oh" chant.

Positive Hopeful Underscore

A lively, modern organic underscore track, featuring bright piano, energetic strings, interesting acoustic textures and patterns, driving drums and light percussion. Creating an optimistic, determined mood. For stories of hope, persistent optimism, growing faith, increasing belief, human interest, f...

Emotional Empathy

A gentle, tender organic background track, featuring expressive bell piano, beautiful strings, bowed metals and soft drums. Styled for subtle underscore in ads, commercials, corporate media, documentary or any kind of honest, heartfelt scene. Nursing home, hospital, nostalgia, autumn of life, human ...

Corporate Background Acoustic

Easy and optimistic track in which sound; Acoustic guitar, light pop drums, violas, soft pads, piano, tone synthesizers that create a positive and independent feeling of the present and future

Hopeful Steps

A 30-second track featuring a soft acoustic guitar drive with a little synthesizer pad and percussion. Hopeful, ambitious, and inspirational.

Spring Journey (Leisure Background Guitar)

A calm acoustic track with a simple guitar arpeggio and a soft and warm melody, creating a carefree and positive atmosphere. Great for background music in videos, advertising, presentations, children or family videos, corporate projects, as well as on hold music.

Positive Carefree Underscore

A lighthearted, emotional underscore track, featuring expressive dulcimer, intimate felt piano and beautiful soft strings. Creating a delicate, optimistic mood. Perfect for ads, commercials, corporate, youtube, documentary, feature film and any kind of heartfelt, honest scene.

Mellifluous Wind

A calm and beautiful music track that creates an atmosphere of ongoing, timeless contemplation. It features a simple acoustic guitar theme that immerses you in peace, light, purity and brings back precious memories of warm feelings. Perfect for timelapse, montages, background music, tv shows, series...

Acoustic (Family)

Happy – light, uplifting and positive acoustic track. This music perfect for creative commercial, slideshow, TV advertising, art, business, corporate projects, travel project, adventure, technology and innovations, beauty of nature, landscapes, lifestyle, fishing videos, presentation, family vide...

Worlds Apart 2022

An ethereal acoustic singer songwriter pop track about love and longevity. Dreamy and dramatic with acoustic guitars, piano, ambient textures, cinematic percussion, and orchestral and electronic hybrid elements. Great as soundtrack, theme, or underscore for tv/film and social media

Almost Perfect

loopable Sentimental nostalgic acoustic track with acoustic guitars. Great for sentimental and dramatic progrraming, and corporate self help content

Brand New Start

loopable Uplifting country folk acoustic duo track. Inspirational and sentimental. Great for corporate videos, commercials/ads and tv/film dramas

Light From Within

loopable heartwarming sweet acoustic track with acoustic guitars. Suitable for happy, cheerful content and family programs

Backroads Truckin

Loopable motivational bluegrass style acoustic track with duo acoustic guitars. Great for travel, history, reality tv, and vlog content

Blue Skies Forever

loopable positive sweet acoustic track with dual acoustic guitars. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Yann Keerim
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