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Upbeat Soul Funk

An upbeat soul track featuring a jazzy saxophone, funky guitars, an upbeat bass line, and groovy drums. It is an excellent music track for commercials, advertisements, youtube videos, vlogs, and more.

Relaxing Jazz Coffee Podcast Music - After a Long Time

An easy listening jazz ballad with piano, vibraphone and upright bass featuring. Good for podcasts, interviews, coffee shop ambience, relaxation, dinner time, restaurant atmosphere, lounge vibes, romantic videos, sleep, study, and many more.

Dreamers (Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Music)

Chill lo-fi beat. Provides a bouncy and chill mood. Ideal for any background content.

Easy Cozy Morning Jazz Coffee Podcast

Known as "Southern Charm" An easy-listening acoustic Latin jazz in Bossa Nova style with piano, acoustic guitar, upright bass featuring. Good for podcasts, interviews, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, study, work, and many more.

Logo Intro Jazz

A jazz intro with swing, with an upbeat, positive mood for your intro video projects. Band brass, bass, drums. Let’s create together!

Around Midnight

Relaxing jazz track with saxophone, piano, electric guitar, acoustic bass and drums. Good for podcast, study, coffee shop, restaurant atmosphere, sleep, elevator music, chill bar ambience, romantic dinner and more.

Southern Colors

Cozy and sunny Latin jazz music with electric guitar, piano and drums. Perfect for coffee shop atmosphere, restaurant and bar ambience, elevator music, study, podcast and more.

Morning Walk

Smooth, relaxing and easy listening jazz music with piano, drums, guitar and vibraphone featuring. Good track for podcasts, vlogging, cozy coffee shop ambiance, restaurant atmosphere, study and more.

Fun Guitar Swing

Upbeat and Quirky Gypsy Jazz track for your project! It features a guitar, violin, upright bass, drums, piano and human whistling. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, video, background and video game. Enjoy!

The Swing

Upbeat and Driving energetic Big Band Jazz track for your project! It features drums, horns, upright bass and piano. Perfect for opener, talk show, commercial, advertisement, youtube, TV show. Enjoy!

Swing The Rhythm - Big Band Jazz

A lively and resounding 1940s Big Band Swing Jazz brings back the perfect Broadway vibe with all its glitter and sparkling glamour. Thumping jiving tom-tom drums introduce a lively brass theme on a Rhythm Change progression with syncopated accents by saxophones and trumpets. Virtuoso drums and tromb...

Yann Keerim
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