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Blues Rains

An instrumental slow Jazz tune with an electric guitar melody, accompanied by orchestral arrangements.

Lift Every Voice and Sing

A jazzy, lo-fi hip hop rendition of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" with a groovy beat, double bass, piano and warm guitars, best for urban, youth, or BLM footage. A "No Drums" version is also available.

Dinner Time

Warm and beautiful acoustic jazz music with a nice and elegant atmosphere. Wonderful background for restaurant and bar atmosphere, cooking shows, food and beverage promos, romantic dinner videos, culinary arts, real estate promos, advertising, luxury lifestyle videos, and many more.

She's So Elegant

An instrumental soft Funk track with a romantic vibe. Perfect for vlogs.

Calm Smooth Piano Jazz

An ambient, jazzy royalty free music piece with soft brushes, airy piano bits and a sexy saxophone, ideal for Valentine's Day, cinematic or intimate contents.

Views of the Pacific Ocean

An instrumental Jazz/Neo Soul track with a positive mood. Perfect for vlogs or ads.

Office at Home

An instrumental Neo Soul track with a nostalgic mood and a catchy melody. Perfect for vlogs.

Relax Chillout Jazz

Slow relax chillout jazz composition with positive and dreamy mood. Lazy Sunday morning groove will be ideal for family oriented content, hi-class audience, shopping and travel vlogs. This comfort and respectable atmosphere great for cultural and documentary TV shows, film soundtrack, podcasts, vir...

Greeting Logo

Greeting logo with vocal pop choir and audio effects.

Caught By Your Swing

An instrumental jazz track with a swing vibe and an energetic mood.

Mellow Piano Jazz

A relaxed track featuring only piano and drums for a minimal feel. Perfect for background music to help create a romantic and peaceful mood.

Mysterious Jazz

A mysterious jazz piece perfect for setting up the mood for mystery.

Yann Keerim
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