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The Midnight Fantastic Pub

An instrumental jazz track with a catchy guitar melody and a funny vibe.

Jazzman Trip

An instrumental jazz track with a strange, mistery and trippy vibe. Perfect for soundtracks.

Rainy Morning Jazz [PACK]

This one is a traditional cool jazz ballad with piano, brushes, upright bass and mute trumpet. It`s calm as a Sunday morning in the sixties. Perfect for commercials, ads, vlogs, youtube and as a background music for anything. Enjoy!

Gypsy Jazz Guitar [PACK]

This one is is a stylish Jazz Manouche track featuring guitar, upright bass and soft background drums. Feels like an evening in a French restaurant in the 30-s. Great choice as a background track for commercials, advertisements, youtube and many more. Enjoy!

Groovy Action Jazz [PACK]

Great driving jazz track for your project! It features an upright bass, drums electric piano and horns. Great for commercials, advertisements, youtube and any other video content. Enjoy!

Phone Call Jazz

A captivating stock music track that effortlessly blends the enchanting sounds of smooth bossa nova jazz. This delightful composition features a soothing combination of instruments, including a mellow piano, graceful nylon guitar, rhythmic percussion, and the resonant tones of an upright bass.

Gypsy Jazz Swing [PACK]

Catchy and Fresh swinging track for your project! It features acoustic manouche guitar, upright bass and drums. Perfect for commercials, ads, youtube, cafe or restaurant background and many more. Enjoy!

My Little Gypsy Girl

A cheerful, French gypsy jazz, with acoustic guitars, solos, upright bass, female vocals, claps and swing drums, best for comedies, cooking shows, or cabaret.

Fun and Upbeat Jazz [PACK]

Upbeat, fun and groovy background music track with addictive big band horns, jazz piano and groovy drum and percussions. Perfect for any video like presentation, explainer, tutorial, commercial, advertising, training videos, infomercials, slideshows, intros and openers, product / brand advertising, ...

Cool Old Time Jazz

An authentic retro vintage jazz track, featuring sophisticated piano, elegant double bass, energetic drums and brass. Perfect for that golden age vibe, source music in a bar, combo on stage, old radio, vinyl disc, film noir, black and white, newsreel, silent movie, yesterday, good old days, swing er...

Swing that Thing

Upbeat swing music track, features acoustic upright bass and piano leading themes, big band stabs, and dynamic swing drums.

High Stakes

Upbeat swing music track. Features big band brass and piano leading themes, swing drum beat and energetic claps grooves.

The Big Swing

Energetic, upbeat swing jazz. Features big band brass and piano leading themes, walking upright bass, and swing drum groove.

Pensive Mood

A mellow jazz track with piano, upright bass, and drums suitable for film/tv scenes that requires a laid back jazz backgrounds, an intimate moment, or a quiet romantic night.

Yann Keerim
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