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Spy Cartoon Jazz

Composer: Kirill Kharchenko
Spy, cartoon, children's track with a bias in jazz, with brass section, piano, contrabass, vibraphone, snap and percussion. Ideal for spy and detective videos, video and audio advertising, children's videos, cartoons, animated videos, Comedy videos and many other media projects.

Persuasive Swing

Composer: Francesco Accardo
Background jazz swing track. Ideal for advertising fashion, radio advertising, love video, background, YouTube video, tv, commercial and more…

Jazz Party

Composer: Marc Corominas
jazz and funk pieces, using pianos, bass, contrabass, saxophones and other instruments. Improvisational moments, good background for funny topics.

Soothing Acoustic Jazz

Composer: Marc Corominas
Very slow soothing jazz track, composed for muted trumpet, saxophones, piano and brush drums. The mood is quiet, relaxing and calm, some nostalgy and melancholy, even sexy and erotic purposes. Good for productions with urban and relaxing topics. also for other media with soothing and peaceful moods ...

Jazz in the Mind

Composer: Marc Corominas
Jazz song, with some fusion influences from 60's. Romantic and nice.

Calm Jazz

Composer: Marc Corominas
Calm and slow jazz piece. Composed for saxophone, trumpet and pianos. It has a lot of calm, improvisational and creative moments. Describes nice and relaxed ambiences in films, advertising and also documentaries, mainly in the dark of a big city in a lonely and comfortable place.

Soft Romantic Jazz Piano

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for piano solo. the music is slow, mellow and sweet, and the rhythm is quite relaxed. The style is very near to jazz and blues and the composition depicts a relaxed romantic scene. The mood is nice and positive but it has a little touch of some emotional melancholy.

ROMANTIC PLACE (Uplifting Romantic) - 30sec version

Composer: Alessandro Gozzo
Available in: Main version / Narrative (no lead melodies) / 60sec / 30sec / 15sec / Stinger / Loop. Main & Stinger also “Orchestra only”. Orchestral Pop retrò with catchy and easy sound. For romantic comedy, happy Adv, carefree themes or backgrounds.

Chillout Bossa Nova Jazz

Composer: WorldMusic
This is a nice and smooth, groovy and relaxing track for video production or own usage. Starting with a Bossa nova groove with guitar melody, in the middle a Jazz trio with piano solo and acoustic bass at the end! Enjoy!

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