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Fall with Me

A happy sentimental country/pop tune with inspiring acoustic guitars, piano and electric piano. Soft percussion and a warm bed of strings underneath.

You Care for Me

A tender, kind hearted, and romantic country ballad. With an organic sound, acoustic folk guitar, upright bass, Wurlitzer piano and soft brushes. Optimistic melody on the piano and beautiful sentimental harmonies.

Interstate Truckin'

A powerful and punchy Country Rock song with butt kicking guitars, bass and drums. Hauling through dusty old country highways, roadside cafes and good old country folk with this song in the background!

The Big Country

A happy cheerful country americana track with positive uplifting guitar and piano melodies and a light driving drum and bass. Perfect for any outdoor travel or adventure style video projects or blogs

Playful Positive Country - Loop Version

It is a country inspirational royalty free track with soothing sounds of mandolin, slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars and strings. It's perfectly suitable for commercials, presentations, slide shows, You Tube videos, documentaries, photography, TV and radio media production. Its overall positive...

Whistling Out Chilling Out

Whistling Out Chilling Out is a country guitar track, with some whistling easy lines. Perfect for soundtracks, podcasts, video tutorial.

Yann Keerim
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