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Love Never Fails

A gorgeous, mid tempo piano driven cinematic theme, with fabulous live strings, ideal for romantic Valentine's day, emotional, intimate, or nostalgic scenarios.

All of Us

Upright felt piano neo-classical composition. Ideal for romantic, emotional, love and family video, documentary, etc.

Finding My Way

A short, musical journey of self-discovery and finding one's rhythm in life. An inspiring, motivational, contemplative, rhythmic background track.

Looking Beyond

This track starts with a simple piano motif, and builds in intensity throughout, adding more layers of acoustic guitars, percussion and synthesizer pads. This track is excellent for use as a background for calm, reflective dialog, as well as romantic or emotional drama scenes.

Memories of Spring

An uplifting track featuring a piano motif that builds with strings, leading to an inspirational climax. Perfect as a background for motivational, inspiring, emotional videos.

Belive In Sunsets - Nostalgic Mellow Lo Fi

Chilled, nostalgic, smooth, romantic, inspirational, reflective and mind blowing rap/urban/hip hop audio background! Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, photography, photo album, retro wedding, social justice and self improvement vlogs and videos!

Ticking Clock

A soft piano and pads rhythmic background with a sparse piano melody, creating a calm but flowing atmosphere. Great for background music in presentations, videos, films and various sentimental content.

My Lost Love

Inspirational, nostalgic and moving piece. Very well suited for a tender story with tears and memories. Acoustic piano, violins and cellos, brass and woodwind instruments are used.


Upbeat, optimistic, and uplifting track featuring piano, acoustic and electric guitars, making it ideal for YouTube videos, vloggers, commercial, corporate use, and much more. Perfect for giving that positive feeling!

Safe in Your Arms

A soft and nostalgic piano melody with soft strings background, creating a romantic and calm atmosphere. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional tone is needed.

Tonky My Honky

Quirky and whimsical solo ragtime piano with vinyl vibes and old time feel. Loopable and cute. Great for period content, vlogs, comedic programming, and history documentaries

Red Handed

Dual solo guitars with a determined spy action type espionage vibe. Percussion is added in the middle of the tune. Great for TV/Film with crime or investigative theme

Morning Light

Music that inspires and creates a positive feeling. A soft and romantic piano, oboe and strings melody, creating a calm and sentimental atmosphere, ideal for background music in presentations, films, commercials, short videos and various other projects.

Beautiful indie acoustic song

Beautiful indie acoustic song. Lush acoustics with ambient background sounds and electric guitar melodies. Uplifting in parts and also melancholic. Great for indie movies, trailers, art films, tv dramas, wedding videos, corporate videos.

Yann Keerim
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