Romantic, Nostalgic Royalty Free Music

A selection of Romantic and Nostalgic Royalty Free Stock Music Tracks. Create the loving and Sentimental feeling in your Video Productions

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Liszt - Liebestraum No.3

The hugely famous and popular piano classic by Franz Liszt. The 3rd Liebestraum is conceived from a poem titled “O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst” (O love, as long as love you can) written by the German poet Ferdinand Freiligrath. The German word Liebesträume means “Love Dream” and Liszt’...


Composer: Paul Werner
A pieceful piece of music for friendly, soft and romantic atmospheres

Soothing Colors

Composer: Michael Adels
Calm song with a soothing mood. Familiar drum sound with electric guitar and cello. Beautiful background track.


Composer: Michael Adels
This track defines style with pleasing string and piano arrangement. Timeless beauty for many applications.

Elegance (60sec)

Composer: Michael Adels
This track defines style with pleasing string and piano arrangement. Timeless beauty for many applications.

Elegance (30sec)

Composer: Michael Adels
This track defines style with pleasing string and piano arrangement. Timeless beauty for many applications.

Electronic Romantic Background Love Sentimental Groove

Composer: Melomaker
Calm electronic romantic music for your projects: inspiring advertising, slideshow, light business presentation, background for travel vlog, video about nature and oceans.


Romantic and sentimental music.This track will fit well for touching situations, romantic, documentary, cinematic type projects, advertisement placement.


Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
This electronica track captures the intense, raw emotions of a romantic encoutnter between lovers, perfect for emotional and dramatic scenes.

Calm And Pleasant Melody

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Calm and pleasant orchestral background music track. Used strings ensemble, piano, flute, glockenspiel, cello. Good as slow and calm background for any videos and projects.

Piano Inspirations

Composer: artsygoat
A touching, mellow and beautiful solo piano, with contemplative and sentimental mood and dreamy melody, makes the perfect mood for wedding videos, documentaries, slideshows, Valentine’s day videos, Romantic films, emotionally touching commercials and advertising, motivational corporate presentatio...

Desperate for Nothing

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A down-tempo and emotional track with spacious synths capturing the desperate feeling of unwanted emotions and memories.

A Sentimental Piano

Composer: Gentle Jammers
A Sentimental Piano is a tender, romantic, dreamy, piano music, featuring acoustic piano, uplifting bells, mallets, warm strings. Great for: Romantic Projects, Wedding Videos, Narration Background, Emotional Advertising & Commercial, Reflexive Videos, Movie Soundtrack, Family Videos, ...and much mor...


Composer: artsygoat
When notes speak words… When hearts speak music… “Emotions” is a storytelling and breathtaking piece of music, with strong feelings, flowing and heartbreaking melody, touching but also hopeful and encouraging mood and passionate character. Instrument features emotional piano, cinematic st...

Golden Memories

Composer: Michael Adels
A friendly guitar theme guides through the relaxed rhythm with piano elements and string melodies. A hopeful song with slightly melancholic feel.

A Long Summer

Composer: Michael Adels
A very warm and natural track with acoustic steel guitar, piano and smooth strings. Beautiful background for a wide range of applications.

The Most Beautiful Story

Composer: artsygoat
The Most Beautiful Story (Beautiful Piano with Emotional Cello & Strings). Beautiful, emotional and storytelling cinematic piano with warm and inspiring strings, breathtaking, mellow and flowing melody, touching, tender and sensitive mood, filled with intensity passion, love and nostalgia, to accom...

Chinese Dream

Composer: Norberto Vergani
An amazing instrumental composition perfect for cinematic, tv and radio

Romantic Smooth Song for Piano and Guitars

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental composition made for piano, guitars and strings. The music is soft and smooth and the style is very near to smooth jazz and soft rock. The rhythm is half time, and it's played by soft drums. The mood is romantic and sentimental and fits very well on romantic and descriptive scenes, on f...

Campsie Fells

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A nostalgic electronica track named after the beautiful mountains of Scotland. This track would fit perfectly into travel videos and emotional films.

Yann Keerim
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