All the Way Home

Jon travelled across the deserts of Sudan with a nomadic group who had the saying "Wherever you are, the sky goes all the way home". He used the saying in this song about migration and loss. From Moonrakers' album "Ebb & Flow".

Anywhere You Are

A waltzing, romantic piece with acoustic guitar and piano, playing a pretty melody which would suit scenes of emotion, heartbreak, loss, sadness, but also hope. Builds to a full band with orchestra, leading to a crescendo. The middle 8 introduces some gentle electric piano while the piano builds aga...


Emotional cinematic composition with strings. This film score sounds emotive and passionate. Good choice for cinema, short films and documentaries.

Beauty R&B Chill

"Beauty R&B Chill" is a light and romantic beat! Perfect for fashion and beauty vlogs, urban videos, commercial, tv/radio show and more.

Romantic Acoustic

Perfect for slideshows and presentations, wedding video, lovestory, Valentine's Day and etc. There are warm sounds of acoustic guitar with orchestra and piano.

Last of the Topekan's

An emotional, orchestral royalty free music with an inspiring main flute, strings, big horns and epic percussion, best for love stories, romantic scenes or intros.

The Journey Home

A reflective yet dramatic royalty free cinematic 80's piano TV/movie theme with tense, emotional strings, best for sad love stories, nature videos or film intros.

The Pain of Glass

A reflective yet dramatic royalty free cinematic piano piece with moody strings and dark vibes, ideal for films, intros, nature related visuals or TV content.

Going Home

A dreamy, gentle royalty free cinematic theme, with piano floating over warm string pads and plucked basses, best for romantic films, love related or intimate contents.


A reflective royalty free TV/movie theme, with peaceful and calm romantic overtones, and light piano motifs drifting over string swells and plucked basses.

Soft Reflections

A reflective, soft and sensitive piano track that gives a sad but comforting mood. A warm pad sound is added from 0:45 to give a subtle extra effect.

Sahara Night Skies

A relaxing track featuring a real Duduk that takes the listener to a calm and dreamlike place. Ideal for meditation, commercials, advertisements and film/television.

Romantic Dinner Piano

A soft romantic ballad played on a piano. Ideal for restaurant and bar scenes.

Inspiring Piano Waltz

A Beautiful and simple solo piano waltz melody. Ideal for background scenes, advertising and film/television.

On the Wedding Day

A warm, romantic royalty free love song with a gentle piano, 2 soprano sax, bass, drums, acoustic guitars and strings, best for weddings, slideshows or sitcoms.

Magical World

Inspiring easy listening song with some great film music influences. Floating pads, lovely voices, catchy melodies and soft pianos, combined with an electronic beat and an big synth. great for big pictures, commercials and presentations.

Glimmer of Hope

Beautiful, emotional and heartwarming orchestral track. Conveys a sense of hope, love and peace. Inspiring and inclusive.

Yann Keerim
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