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Sentimental and Nostalgic Stock Music Tracks


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Acoustic Indie Cinematic

Background acoustic music soundtrack for wedding videos, romantic scenes or childhood memories project. It also works best for motivational inspirational videos, corporate presentations, websites, slideshows, videos on YouTube.

Romantic Autumn

Inspirational and positive background track for media, video project. Creating an atmosphere of romantic and optimism.

Look to the Sky

Opening with a simply beautiful reverb piano, ''Look to the Sky'' develops to a peaceful and dreamy tenderness of an elegant mix of strings, piano and epic synth elements that makes this piece of modern classical music a perfect sound and background to your MOVIE SCORE, TV PRESENTATION or ADVERB, SO...

Peaceful Acoustic

This is an calm, motivational, positive track. Perfect for inspiring presentations, video blogs, cooking show, explain, nature, wedding and other commercial and social videos. Simple melodies make this track catchy.

I'm Gonna Make It

Beautiful innocent piano melody surrounded with orchestration and percussion. A patriotic theme that depicts tranquility, peace and freedom. Romantic, touching and memorable. This track is reflective and sentimental, full of life, love and happiness. Could also be used for a religious, or church set...

Epic Piano Strings Build Up

An epic, moving and emotional, building piece consisting of piano, strings, brass and percussion.

Emotional & Uplifting Piano With Strings

Piano and strings creating an uplifting, emotional and inspirational cinematic soundscape building to a crescendo.

Dust We Are

A peaceful piano strings track with electronics and a serene touch.


Sentimental dramatic cinematic track for film production, television, podcast, TV show, advertising and more...

Inspiring Cinematic

Inspiring Cinematic is a motivational, cinematic uplifting orchestral track for television, trailers, commercials and so much more. It`s perfect for that epic YouTube video! Used instruments: piano, strings and brass sections, orchestral drums and percussion.


Inspiration - Emotional, dynamic, motivated, inspiring track with piano, orchestral, horns, strings. Used for Trailers, motivational video, slideshow, romantic video, wedding, adventure, video advertising.

Feelings of Love

Romantic and gentle composition. Good for movies, cartoons and other videos about love or nature

Silent Signs (Emotional Romantic Strings)

by Lucor
Romantic and touching track that slowly shifts into a more melancholic and tragic mood at the end. Mostly driven by the whole strings section of the orchestra, with some harp to create a pulse and a beautiful French Horn at the end.

Melancholic Piano Strings Waltz

Calm and reflective, featuring piano, strings and woodwinds that create a melancholic mood. This composition will work great in TV, films, videos and commercials.

Ambient Calm Piano Strings

Calm and reflective, featuring piano and strings that create a hopeful mood. This composition will work great in TV, films, videos and commercials.

Piano Love Story

Romantic beautiful piano royalty free music for your wonderful video project, film, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting and more...

Tears Of Rain

Romantic cinematic and beautiful orchestral instrumental music for your best film production, short film, advertising, business presentation, television, Show and etc. Perfect Soundtrack For You !

Yann Keerim
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