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Just La-La-La

This track carries a romantic and cheerful mood. The retro sound created by guitars, vibraphone, voice hook, and soul drums is transferred to another dimension and relaxes in romantic notes. Let’s create cool videos together!

The Valentines Day

It's Valentine's Day, and it's the right time to celebrate moments of love with a video or a photo slide show. The Valentines Day it’s a love song, the piano starts slowly, then comes a sweet melody made by piano with bass, drums, acoustic guitars and orchestra. A moment of pause before the grand...

The Chosen One

This is an acoustic rock song. It is touching, emotional, bittersweet, and heartfelt. Great for scenes involving relationship difficulty, hard break ups, emotionally challenging sequences of loss, etc. It is a song about how you can take everything away from the man, but you can't take his love.

Acoustic Wedding and Valentine

This is a thoughtful, gentle and breezy acoustic track featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar chords and a touch of strings. This track is very warm, personable and inviting and stays out of the way of an announcer while still creating a wonderful vibe. Great for commercials, videos, photo slide...

Yann Keerim
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