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Inspiration - Emotional, dynamic, motivated, inspiring track with piano, orchestral, horns, strings. Used for Trailers, motivational video, slideshow, romantic video, wedding, adventure, video advertising.

Feelings of Love

Romantic and gentle composition. Good for movies, cartoons and other videos about love or nature

Silent Signs (Emotional Romantic Strings)

by Lucor
Romantic and touching track that slowly shifts into a more melancholic and tragic mood at the end. Mostly driven by the whole strings section of the orchestra, with some harp to create a pulse and a beautiful French Horn at the end.

Melancholic Piano Strings Waltz

Calm and reflective, featuring piano, strings and woodwinds that create a melancholic mood. This composition will work great in TV, films, videos and commercials.

Ambient Calm Piano Strings

Calm and reflective, featuring piano and strings that create a hopeful mood. This composition will work great in TV, films, videos and commercials.

Piano Love Story

Romantic beautiful piano royalty free music for your wonderful video project, film, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting and more...

Tears Of Rain

Romantic cinematic and beautiful orchestral instrumental music for your best film production, short film, advertising, business presentation, television, Show and etc. Perfect Soundtrack For You !

Sentimental Journey

Sentimental background track for love story, wedding videos, romantic videos, photo slideshows, travel movie and much more.

Thoughtful Piano

Sentimental, emotional, hopeful background track with piano, strings. Perfect for love story, wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations.


A gentle piano chord sequence forms the core element of this track. Hammond lead arpeggios spring into the upper range contrasting against the dreamy choral voice & string harmonies creating a sense of fond reflection while the bass completes the sound adding depth in the lower range.

Grateful Heart

A beautiful, calm and sincere music track. Fine romantic and sentimental acoustic guitars music composition. Perfect background music for corporate or personal presentations, or advertising for film, radio, television or web casts.

Romantic Story

Romantic Story with a very romantic and sentimental mood will be perfect background audio for any proper events such as wedding videos, love stories, sweet and gentle moments of life.

Yours Forever

Mellow Pop ballad with solid groove, organ, strings and quirky synths. Flowing, passionate and flowing.

You're The One

Romantic ballad with flowing strings, organ, oboe, building into fully orchestrated section with drums and bass.

To The End

Light easy-listening track with piano, flowing strings and oboe, building into chorus section with drums and bass. Loving, emotional feel.


Emotional piano and strings pop ballad with solid drum/bass beat. Sweet, pure, flowing and loving.

Thinking Of You

Romantic piano piece with gentle string accompanyment. Cello appears in verse 2. Slightly sad or melancholic feel throughout.


Relaxing and dreamy track with harp melody. Perfect for backgrounds, sentimental and inspirational projects.

Emotional Inspiring

Emotional Inspiring is a beautiful, dramatic and inspiring cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, deep, encouraging; feelings of joy for your media work. Perfect for background music in slideshows, inspirational commercials


Gentle and sweet piano piece, full of feeling and thoughfulness. Suitable for emotional scene.

Yann Keerim
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