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Sentimental and Nostalgic Stock Music Tracks


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Sunset on Rhine

Perfect song for Valentine's day! A dreamy piano plays a romantic melody which make everyone falls in love. When you think of your love, you can hear this melody in your head and in your heart.

Inspirational Piano Romance

Romantic and sentimental, deep and emotional solo Piano composition featuring beautiful harmonies and melodies filled with nostalgia. Perfect background music for reflective moments, films documentaries and videos.

Magical Story (60-secs Version)

Inspiring, reflective and dreamy music track with a majestic atmosphere. Creative composition which brings the feelings of wonder, beauty and magic. Peaceful, soft and calm music that is perfect as a background music for films, trailers, documentaries and much more.

A tale of two butterflies

This is the love story of two butterflies. The guitar melody brings you on their wings taking you over the fields and over the clouds. Perfect track for commercials and advertisings

Words Hurt

Words Hurt is a touching song that depicts the emotional vulnerability of a couple's relationship challenges. The music, melody and overall soundscape, intertwines gracefully, whilst providing the listener with the perfect atmosphere and backdrop of the couple's journey.

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful romantic background music with piano, acoustic guitar. Perfect for elegant slideshows, beautiful, love, promo or presentations, soft commercials, flowers advertisements, romantic, wedding movies and any projects as beautiful background music.

Dream Time

Dreamy, Peaceful Hart Warming music. It Start off with soft and spatial Electric Guitar Arpeggio. Gradually,buid up with orchestral percussion,snare,timpani,bass drum and wind chime. Finally, Drums and Electric Bass comes in to create climax. because of its soft and gentle surrounding sound,Th...

Kiss of the wind

An ethereal piano plays alone on a rhythmic wind and they kiss each other. You can use this track in romantic and dreams scenes. You can also listen to it to relax a few minutes and think about a beach walk.

The sleeping doll

An ethereal piano with some electronic sounds and some loops. You can use this track for romantic and dreams scenes. You can also listen to it just to relax and to think about a walking on the beach.

Moon Lullaby

A piano plays a romantic melody and slowly enters strings with French horns that embellish the track. Great for memories and romantic scenes.

Distant Lands

An ethereal piano plays alone. This track takes you in distant lands. Perfect soundtrack for any sophisticated advertising or romantic movies scenes.

Lady Cloud

An ethereal prepared piano plays alone. You can use this track in romantic and dreams scenes. You can also listen to it to relax a few minutes. Instrumental, New Age, Meditation

3 Cafe De Tour Blanc

A playful accordion meldy perfect for background in travel videos. Parisien Chic style. A solo electric guitar appears in the middle of the track.

03 Sole Voyage

Nostalgic melody by violin and orchestra. The track can be used in films and documentaries.

04 Kokini Valitsa

A memorable violin melody on top of a sensitive piano. The melody is also replicated by a voice. The track start with a canun intro.

Wedding Memories

This is very Emotional and Touching cinematic track with romantic and sentimental mood. Perfect background audio for any proper events such as Wedding Videos, Love Stories, Sweet and Gentle moments of life.

Yann Keerim
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