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italian romance

A romantic Italian love tune featuring solo violin, mandolin and guitar. Sad, reflective and fragile.Italy, Italian, Sicilia, Cosa Nostra, Mafia, organized crime, Godfather, Nino Rota, Don, Violin, Fiddle, Accordion, Mandolin, Francis Ford Coppola, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino.

Close to home

Piano only, poignant, understated, simple, medium tempo, sentimental, touching Production Music

Waltz Steps D Theme

by TMC
Mid tenpo vienna Waltz for piano Romantic - soft - old times mood TIP: use tracks in sequense to create soundtrack of desired duration.

Gently Waking

A tranquil and reflective track with ambient piano and dreamy synths, creating a peaceful, thoughtful and tender mood.

Just another beautiful morning

Smooth, intimate piano track with upright bass and drum brushes. Nice string arrangement in the background. Very gentle and affectionate.

Sad melodic piano

A softly tender solo piano piece. Touching, romantic and heartfelt, like saying goodbye or spending a quiet moment with a loved one. Think romance, a gentle promise of eternal love, or dearly held memories, perhaps loss or melancholy. Fall ,October , November , September , Falling Leafs, send me an ...

Cinematic piano 4

Slow and sentimental piano music with a hopeful feeling. There is a touch of sadness in the music with a soulful mood. This soft music will fit well for cinematic, romantic, dramatic situations

road to nowhere

A low key, sorrowful and nostalgic musical underscore. Piano and ambient texture. Good for drama and storytelling. Sad, touching. Atmospheric Bitter Confused Dark Depressed Delicate Disillusioned Dramatic Droning Eerie Emotional Ethereal Foreboding Heartbroken Helpless Hopeless Humble Hurt Innocen...

the most (grand piano)

Sentimental, but in places is very energetic and fast Grand Piano piece. Soaring and exciting melody.

It Is Mine

Romantic, Dramatic, Hopeful, Film and Television Cue Dramatic Film Score, Mixed Genre, Background Music

The Clearing

Dramatic, Romantic, Hopeful, Film and Television cue Dramatic Film Score, Mixed Genre, Background Music

Is It Mine

Romantic, Dramatic, Hopeful, Film and Television Cue Dramatic Film Score, Mixed Genre, Background Music


Description : A positive sentimental piano a vibe of hope for another chance Key Words: romantic sentimental orchestral hopeful dramatic dreamy


Description : A sad but hopefull sentimental piano / strings piece , feels like goodbye with hope, memories , and maybe an oportunity for a last goodbye kiss. Key Words: romantic calm sentimental orchestral hopeful dramatic dreamy


Asian Influence, Romantic Tender, Sensitive, Cautious Shakuhachi, Cello, Violin, Vocal Film and Television Cue

The True You

The True You: A time for reflection and truth - gentle, romanticand slightly wistful piano music piece. Love and romance. Relaxation, beauty andreflection. Piano and soft strings. UK.

Leaf in the Wind

A sweetly mysterious, dreamy, soft and romantic musicalsoundscape. Bowed bells, strings, pads. Soaring, emotional chordprogressions. Loving, caressing, sleepy/dreamy and slightly wistful.

Because of You

This beautiful and simple melody really captures the feelings of love, longing, hope and has a positive spin on the human spirit. It will uplift you and energize your soul. This is a perfect track for sending a message of bright days ahead. Longing to see the future. Looking to do great things. Sign...


Inspirational indie ambient soundscape for video backgrounds, romantic films, slideshows, etc.

Yann Keerim
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