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Last Breeze Of Summer (no accordion)

Sweet and bitter, joyful and melancholic, a little happy, a little sad. Life is always a mix of different emotions. And that's how this song sounds like, genuine and honest, simple and complex, just like each of us. This song will give a real human touch to your production. Several different edits a...

Wild flower no accordion

by ionics
A colorful world music theme with a Greek, Middle Eastern and Mexican flavor. Perfect as a movie theme. Melodic and sentimental. Featuring accordion, bouzouki, acoustic guitars and flutes.


Description: :Fast paced energetic track featuring drums guitars modern sounds and instruments .something exiting is about to happen. You open your eyes and suddenly find your self in Argentina, a sunny day , lots of people around enjoying them selves, party balloons and a sense of excitement as y...

Passion LOOP E Accordion

by TMC
Accordion - piano - brass -drums modern tango Use Files in combination for your desired duration

Happy and Fun loop

A happy, upbeat, bouncy & joyful track featuring whistle, acoustic guitar, bells and vox.

Mr. Funny Pants (Comedy Circus Music)

Very funny and upbeat comedy music which includes funny sound effects, with tuba, accordion and mallets. Perfect for use in a circus (scene), clown or comedy act and virtual birthday cards.

Cielito Lindo (Ay Ay Ay Ay)

A beautiful rendition of Cielito Lindo, one of the most famous mexican folk songs, very popular, also known as "Ay Ay Ay Ay". A truly evergreen melody. Our arrangement features classic acoustic sounds of the latin tradition, including spanish guitars, trumpets, violin and a beautiful horn section. A...

Happy Fun and Carefree

Carefree, Funny and Happy track with very uplifting and optimistic mood will give you an excellent atmosphere of celebration ,joy, and happiness in all day long. Leading instruments are piano, acoustic guitar, accordion and bells. Beautiful music for children’s events and kid’s celebra...

Italian Romantic Memories

Acoustic folk track with traditional Mediterranean instruments including mandolin and accordion. Authentic sounds and arrangement. The melody is very reminiscent of classic Italian songs. A truly romantic, suggestive, inspiring tune. Alternative, more intimate versions are also available with no dru...

Carefree Kids

Happy, Carefree and Cheerful music with light, positive and joyful atmosphere. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, bells, shaker, tambourine, claps and accordion. Simple, beautiful and optimistic background music for any Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, Advertising, YouTube Promotion,...

Be Happy

Happy and joyful sunshine theme with whistling, handclaps, banjo, flute, accordion & fun band. Perfect for commercials, adverts, promos, presentations, corporate use and productions for children.

Sky Over Paris

Beautiful jazz melody. Used guitars, piano, shaker, acoustic bass and accordion. Good for your travel or romantic video.

Zydeco Dance

Cajun band plays a Zydeco song featuring accordion. Good for bar scenes, anything to do with Louisiana, dancing, driving... Great for film score, video, tv, demo reel, corporate, advertising.

Dance of Little Ducks

A happy, upbeat, bouncy and joyful track featuring sax, accordion, organ, brass, guitar and drums.

Mexican Walk

Acoustic (slide) guitar, Accordion, bass and percussion. Scenes: driving through the South, sitting on a bench in a Mexican plaza, walking through a country town. Live musicians playing real music. Organic.

Inspirational Bolero

Inspirational track with recognizable changes for corporate motivational music but with little more energy to it and authentic touch that live instruments give, percussion,,accordion. Theme played on piano.. Available in 4 edits Inspirational Bolero (main) Inspirational Bolero (packed) ...

Exotic Dance

Mediterranean medium dance beat, accordeon and bouzouki playing. Beach, romance, joyful. Can be Eastern / Mid East / Persian or India, or Greek / Cyprus etc.

One Dancing World

Upbeat world fusion track. Arabic / Latino... A fusion in strings, bouzouki , piano. Good for travel, holiday, fun and adventure, exciting world discovery. A fresh joyful mood. Excited, celebratory.

Soft Summer Breeze

Short Eastern / Oriental / Greek folk inspired track. Authentic arabic melody in a calm, chilled-out and happy mood. Eastern easy listening featuring Oud and Kanun. Good for holiday / travel, discovery, happy times.
Yann Keerim