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No Rest Till You

Solo acoustic slide guitar. Very moody, timeless and dark feel. Distant.

Moving Away Now

Moody timeless solo acoustic slide guitar track. Dark and resonant. Mid tempo Americana. Reflective and atmospheric.

Missing Steps

Solo acoustic track on the Weissenborn guitar or acoustic lap steel. Mid tempo, moody with a timeless feel. A little dark, drama, and distant.

Leaving Today

Very reflective moody atmospheric track. Solo acoustic lap steel slide guitar with ringing harmonics. Slow tempo with a sad, loss or expecting feel.

Whiskey Store

Solo slide guitar. Mississippi delta blues on the acoustic Hawaiian alp steel guitar. Slow tempo, warm feel and perfect for nature, drama, loss, life styles and people.

Walking Home

Low down Delta Blues on the Dobro. Very gritty with a sad and lonely feel. Slow tempo and perfect for drama, nature, life styles and drinking alcohol.

The Verdict

Haunting blues with a wonderful combination of slide guitar lines on the acoustic lap steel guitar and slow blues riffs on the acoustic guitar. Very sad and resonant. Reflective of the old American delta blues sound. Atmospheric.

River Bed Dry

Solo slide guitar on the Weissenborn or acoustic lap steel guitar. Beautiful, resonant, bluesy slide guitar lines reflecting early American south USA.

No Love

Solo dobro slide blues guitar. Slow tempo and sad feel. Vibrant and gritty slide guitar lines reflecting the deep south USA.

Lost My Job

Solo slide guitar on the Dobro. Low down blues feeling reflecting the early 1920's Delta Blues. Sad, distant, lonely and drunk feel.

Juke Joint Sam

Delta blues slide guitar on the Dobro with a good old fashioned stomp box beat. Sound of the early Mississippi Delta Blues of the South.

Johnson's Grave Stone

Slow free tempo low down sad feeling slide guitar on the Dobro. beautiful bright slide guitar lines reflecting the early American Delta Blues of Mississippi.

Empty Moonshine

Slow tempo low down blues feel with slide guitar on the Dobro. Mississippi country blues.

Dry Creek Blues

Solo Dobro guitar slide lines with acoustic guitar. Very sad, depressed and lonely. Echoing slide guitar lines reflecting the deep south USA.

Cold Killer Blues

Very sad, depressed and lonely slide guitar blues. Bluesy slide guitar lines with a finger picked chords on the acoustic lap steel guitar. Slow tempo and atmospheric.

Black Out Blues

Resonant deep slide guitar blues on the Weissenborn guitar. Mississippi delta blues feels very sad, lonely, depressed and angry. Solo instrument with a slow tempo.

Bad Feeling

Solo instrument blues slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel. Sound of the deep south Mississippi delta blues. Very sad, resonant and deep. very slow tempo.

Alone In Whiskey

Chilling electric southern slide guitar. Very slow tempo and gritty feel. Sad, distant and lonely. Lap steel guitar with echoing cow bell.

Sorrows Reflection

Beautiful deep sad pulsing piano chords with a building solo cello line accompanied with a lead legato solo violin. Very emotional and mournful, perfect for film, TV, or any project needing that dramatic feeling of sorrow!
Yann Keerim
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