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Slightly Doomed

An eerie, ambient royalty free cinematic score, with dark strings overlaying a sparse rhythmic backdrop, ideal as an ominous opening theme for horror films, paranormal footage, or games.

Looking Back

Reflective and bittersweet track, with cello, harp and clarinet. Ideal for thought provoking, melancholic scenes in documentaries and films.

It's Over

Spacious and reflective ambient track, featuring bass guitar, piano, cello and clarinet. This track creates a thought provoking, meditative mood.

The Lonely Recluse

An unusual piano composition with an unsettling atmosphere and dramatic mood. Combined with dramatic, sad, mysterious themes, nostalgic, social, slide shows, documentaries, etc.

Strange case

An unusual piano composition with a mysterious atmosphere and dramatic mood. In combination with video-dramatic, thriller, mysterious themes, nostalgic and memorable events, slide shows, documentaries, etc.

Disturbing events

Disturbing dark electronic music with an atmosphere of suspense and a frightening mood. Combined with horror, suspense, thriller, tense videos, commercial projects, etc

Sad Discovery Background Cue

A quiet melancholic piano melody combined with marimba and various other synthesizer sounds create this slightly suspenseful and sad background piece. Perfect to use in your film, documentary or any other production seeking a dense tone.

No Hope Left Cinematic Background

Desolate sad cinematic track consisting of piano, strings and ominous sounds. This track was composed and produced to fit perfectly in documentaries and films seeking a desperate dramatic unobtrusive tone to complement a narrative. The atmosphere is sad, melancholic and tense.

Northern Road

Dark and instrumental yet emotional track. Very melodic and somber, accompanied by piano, chamber strings and percussion. While being classical in its core nature, the orchestration also uses subtle synths and modern sound elements.


Intensely emotional track featuring guitar as the lead instrument. Cinematic, atmospheric, relaxing perfect for use in documentaries, sentimental scenes describing love and sad the same time.What is more it can be used for storytelling, podcasting, coorporate presentations.

Liquid Dance

Smooth nostalgic track featuring guitar as the lead instrument. Cinematic, atmospheric, heartwarming. Ideal for storytelling, podcasting , backround music for sentimental moments, radio, travel videos.


A relaxing sensitive composition featuring guitar as the lead instrument. Nostalgic, atmospheric, acoustic, emotional. Ideal for documentaries, sentimental cinema moments, dramatic-parting scenes.

A Prayer

A powerful sensitive composition featuring guitar as the lead instrument. Cinematic, atmospheric, emotional ideal for use in documentaries, travel videos, podcasting, web videos and scenes that demonstrate strong feelings.

Rock Cinematic Cue

Full of suspence dramatic cinematic rock music cue. Perfect for horror or drama cinema, historic or politic documentary. TV shows, ecological and social problems, and any project where you need gloomy, despairing and lifeless feel, paranormal activity and UFO related content.

Epic Anxiety Trailer

This trailer is full of anxious, fearful and nervous mood. Scaring war drums, dissonant synths and melodic guitars contrast each other and make dramatic tension. You can use it for cinematic trailers, video game stream announces, horror and military movies, action technology presentations and creat...

Epic Horror Trailer

Modern, epic Hollywood style trailer with huge scary impacts and depressing atmosphere. You can hear creepy mood full of suspense, glitchy modern sound design, hybrid soundscapes and textures, killer drops and heart stopping surprises, sinister and apocalyptic sounds. Perfect for TV and game trailer...

Heroic Trailer

Epic cinematic heroic theme. Huge drums, anxious strings and triumph brass section makes memorable conquest music theme. This track is made for cinematic and gaming trailers, technology media projects, corporate presentations, Youtube vlogs and many more.
Yann Keerim
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