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Cooking (Crazy Delicious)

This is an energetic, playful, and happy kids’ track with a catchy melody, bright ukulele, and energetic “hey” shouts by children. It’s perfect for any project that needs a touch of fun and excitement, such as children’s commercials, presentations, games, cartoons, and vlogs.

Upbeat Extreme Sports Music

Upbeat and energetic extreme sports action music. Huge toms, drums, and rock guitars make it very dynamic and driving. Can be used for trailers, car and driving videos, sports game videos and events, dynamic advertisings and energetic projects. Works for slow-mo, Kickstarter campaigns, commercials, ...

Not Forgotten

Cinematic rock track. Perfect for movie trailers, blockbuster teasers, video-games openers, end titles, presentations, tv-series, motion design video projects

Pop Punk Anthem

Super groovy pop-rock / pop-punk rock track featuring drums, bass guitar, and electric guitars. Good soundtrack for action movie scenes or background music for energetic projects. Music track is perfect choose for energetic tv commercials, sports related advertising, driving movies, and YouTube v...

Celebrating In The Streets

A busy, celebratory organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring steel drums, bells, metal mallets, floating textures and driving percussion. Styled for factual documentary background and science and culture underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects abou...

Our Quirky Project

Quirky, jumpy, piece featuring a variety of comic instrumental phrases. Pizzacato strings, marimba and low bassoon compete throughout with quick, comic sounding phrases. The added percussive oddities give add to the overall silly flavour. This is a cartoon-like piece that is useful for documentary f...

Electro Latin Rhumba

'Electro Latin Rhumba' is a fresh, uplifting and modern retro latin music track featuring brass instruments, piano, drums and percussion, as well as electronic drums, some jazz band samples and turntable scratches. It's a traditional track in modern style, suitabe for all kind of videos, especially...

Funk (Dance Like Crazy)

This is a track with energetic and dances mood. In the track you will hear a funk guitars, bass and groove drums. Perfect for commercials, business projects, vacation videos, cooking programs, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, radio, TV, TV shows, films, trailers, games, sports...

Garage Rock Ad

A short, dirty rock track, featuring surf guitars, driving bass, indie style drums, claps and tambourine. Styled for ads, commercials, promo, corporate, youtube, instagram and media projects about youthful energy, rebellious youth, fashion trend, new gadget, urban lifestyle, revolution, headbanger, ...

Powerful Rock Trailer

Action powerful sports rock featuring massive electric guitar riffs and stomps. Perfect for trailers, games, radio and tv projects or adverts

Upbeat Indie Rock

A vibrant, determined indie rock pop track, featuring energetic piano, catchy synths, driving drums, claps and percussion. Styled fo tv ads, commercials, promo, corporate, game show. Creating a hip, youthful mood. Comedy opener, car, new technology, cool gadget, phone, fashion, sneakers, urban lifes...

Sneaky Dramedy Tension

A funky, suspenseful comedy or dramedy track, featuring retro organs, authentic wah-wah guitars, crisp double bass, cowbell, shaker, snaps and driving drums. Creating a quirky, yet exciting comic feel. Many edit points. Perfect for fun ads, promo, commercials and any kind of funny scene. Whimsical u...

Sunny Electro Swing

A positive, funny electro swing track with quirky retro vibes. Perfect for TV commercials, advertising, comedy, animation, cartoon, kids projects, youtube videos and many more.

Quiet Night (Rock)

Inspirational lounge with dreamy pads, an emotional acoustic guitar, e-piano and a lively beat. Conveys an innocent and romantically dreamy mood. Instrumental, Lounge, Downtempo

Hit Me

Action movie track. Perfect for action, exreme and other drive things.

Adrenaline & Aggressive Breakbeat Sports

Adrenaline & Aggressive Breakbeat Sports Adrenaline Sport – Aggressive breakbeat electronica rock track with powerful Electric Guitars, and catchy “crazy” lead melody – perfect for Advertising, Sports, Fitness, Lifestyle, Fashion, TV/Radio, Youtube, Vimeo, private videos and more..

This is Party

This is Party – Positive, Energy, Electro and crazy pop dance track with catchy and powerful drop section! Perfect for TV/Radio advertising, sport motivation, life style, fashion, private videos and more!

Funky Cinematic Heist

A driving, energetic retro soul funk track, featuring authentic guitars, bass, dynamic organs, racing percussion and drums. Creating that 70s vintage blaxploitation heist vibe. Styled for action and chase scenes in movies, commercials, ads, corporate, youtube or any cool, but heavily energized setti...
Yann Keerim
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