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Electro-techno swing

A combination of Swing, Electro and Techno Beats. Its Fun, Funky, Fresh and Fast. Includes trumpets, guitars, vocals and old and new drum elements. Perfect background music for YouTube, street lifestyle video, Vimeo videos, photo collage and photo slideshow, websites, tutorial, featurettes, Advertis...

Cyberpunk Powerful

This dark electro and groovy royalty free music track. Great drums and percussions, sub bass, powerful brass and dark distortion synths it creates crazy dynamics and mood. Perfect for technology projects, future and cyberpunk movie, games video.

Cinematic Action music

Very powerful, aggressive orchestral music in modern arrangements. Intriguing and disturbing atmosphere. Suitable for any action movies, trailers and other cinematic works.

Crazy Driving

The track combines the elements break bit of rock music, as well as dubstep. This track is perfect for any action movie, racing, car ads, staged fights, games, Promo, teasers, trailers, etc.

Summer Upbeat (Hit The Beat)

“Uplifting Summer Upbeat” Starts off on a positive and uplifting note, and captivates through the entire song with different sections from melodic EDM through Dubstep, ending with a memorable and perfectly faded outro. Great for summer fun, action, games, walk-throughs, fps, gym and workout vid...

Insanely Happy

Insanely happy and optimistic indie rock track. Voice hooks, rock guitars, cheerful whistles and swinging drums all create a light, playful and cheerful mood. What could be better than dancing and whistling a cool melody.

George The Flying Bat Orchestral Halloween

A whacky manic orchestral piece sonically draped in everything that is Halloween. A spooky theremin melody is carried forth by haunting strings, children's choir, frantic woodwinds and sinister brass outbursts. If you listen closely you can hear George the Bat spreading his wings on Halloween nigh...

Crazy Circus Clown

Crazy circus music for horror themes with accordion and typical circus instruments creating a mood of tension and suspense.

Alien Attack

Hi-gained metal track for extreme, sports, game and other videos.

Sports Action Energy Dubstep

Max Energy Dubstep music, with punchy rythm. Perfect choice for any Sport Videos, Energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercial and more.


Welcome to the desert .. In this song I combined ancient ethnic instruments from Turkey along with kicking rock and roll and a crazy groove.


A crazy rock piece with guitars from space and effects from heaven. Great for action movies.

Have Fun

Happy rock for happy people. Brigth guitars and rocky bass with heavy drums. Perfect for commercial, dynamic videos and other.
Yann Keerim
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