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Reflection on desolation (Lo-fi, Electronic, Guitar, noise, Atmosphere, Wander)

A guitar riff accompanies the typical atmosphere of loneliness and desolation. Perfect for farewell scenes, or contemplation of empty and desolate landscapes.

What A Wonderful Ride

This is a royalty-free orchestral ballad featuring a gentle piano melody with lush strings. The mood is calm and nostalgic. Perfect for home movies, presentations, and a lot more.

Passing Time

A deep emotional, tense royalty free music piece with a small string ensemble and synth pads, great for farewell, thinking, leaving or decision making film scenes.

Final Farewell

A dramatic emotional piano and strings piece that is somber, poignant, and sentimental. Theatrical style that pulls the heartstrings. Great for TV/Film underscore, soundtrack, or theme. Suitable for dramatic scenes, corporate videos, and commercials/Ads

Goodbye Dear Friend

A melodramatic, emotional royalty free music theme with dark strings and deep piano chords, great for romantic, love, farewell or intimate film contents.

If I Would Be Good

A very emotional, orchestral royalty free music theme with vibrating dark strings and a sad piano, perfect for cinematic intros, trailers, love/farewell scenes, games or promos.

Goodbye Brother

An emotional, dramatic royalty free orchestral piece with a light piano, sad strings and choir bits, perfect for love, melancholic, war related or farewell film scenes.

First Light Of Day

An emotional, deep royalty free cinematic music theme with dark orchestral strings, pads and percussion bits, ideal for intros, movies, love, heartbreaking or war related visuals.


Sad emotional piano theme, draped in a soundscape consisting of various lush and airy elements. The track slowly progress towards a climactic resolution.

Touching farewell

A slow touching composition of piano and strings, creating an atmosphere of farewell and sad mood. Combined with nostalgic, calm, sad, social videos, animations, slide shows, etc.

Auld Lang Syne [PACK]

Smooth jazz version of Auld Lang Syne, a traditional Scottish song usually played to bid farewell to the old year at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve in tune with the Christmas season. Serene and relaxing mood with soft piano, double bass and drum brushes. Perfect for elegant situations, rom...

Forever Farewell Emotional Piano

A gentle warm piano theme moves forward to a sad conclusion. Surrounded by strings and spacious effects this track works perfectly in scenes and media seeking an emotional undercurrent. A sense of realism is offered through the addition of some real recorded instruments.

An Emotional Farewell

sad, quiet, elegant, slow, soft, smooth, classical, violin, cello, piano, guitar, acoustic, sweet, mellow, nostalgia, emotional, sentimental, peaceful, calm, relaxed, Melancholic, contemplative, drama, funeral, reflective, tranquil, easy, meditative, inspirational, down

Heavy farewell (Sad dramatic piano)

Sad acoustic composition with piano and strings, creating a dramatic atmosphere and a melancholy mood. Combined with sentimental, dramatic videos, nostalgic, tragic themes, slide shows, social videos, etc.

Remembering All of You

An emotional, epic cinematic ballad that begins with a soft piano line which grows stronger with beautiful strings. It features a beautiful solo English Horn and solo Trumpet. The mood is calm, dramatic, nostalgic and emotional. This is perfect for heroic funerals, slideshows, or memorials.

Stay Easy Bro [PACK]

Stay Easy Bro is a nod to NOLA style, big horn arrangements and a brand of greasy, funky jazz that is best pulled off where fender rhodes and a tight, pocket rhythm section are employed. This was written as a funky farewell of sorts for a family member living abroad, reminescent of the grooves and s...

Happy Farewell

A happy, inspiring royalty free cinematic solo classical piano composition, perfect for weddings, romantic films, love stories or intimate contents.
Yann Keerim
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