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Real Life Heroes

'Real Life Heroes' is a hopeful, uplifting, inspirational, and motivational orchestral track. Featuring grand piano, orchestral strings, drums, and percussion. With a sentimental, heroic, and overcoming feeling, this piece is perfect for inspiring, and heartwarming content. Writer: Thiago Pospichil...

Far Away

Beautiful dressed hybrid orchestra track with accentuated percussion and impactful sounddesign such as risers and trailer hits. Grand dark and a badass mix accompanied by underlying braams and vibrant string arrangements makes this the perfect theme song for villains and action cues.

Voice Of Victory

Modern, humble and heroic epic track accompanied by a piano, vocal lines and beautifully dressed lush strings. Tension is introduced with big trailer hits and accentuated violins as well as a bigger arrangement. Very melodic and heroic drama, impactful and a broad hybrid orchestration.

Return Home

Very emotional and ominous epic track realized by a big lush Hollywood-like string sound, a beautiful melody, and accentuated orchestra percussion. Accompanied by long chords and the grand piano, the atmosphere intensifies towards the end and is continually driven by drama, romance and passion.

Black hole (with solo piano)

Piano and beds through space and time. A powerful sci-fi track. Great for trailers, videos, presentations and documentaries.

No One But You

Cinematic inspirational track. Dramatic and epic. Featuring emotion piano, epic drums, strings and brass. Perfect for films, motivational videos, trailers, time-lapse, etc.

To Distant Shores

A powerful and epic orchestral theme with piano, strings, horns and taiko drums. Great for trailers and teasers, epic and action scenes, TV shows and games.

To Greater Heights

Cinematic inspiring track with emotional piano, powerful drums and epic orchestration.


A modern and energetic piece gradually increasing in excitement guided by a warming grand piano!

Cinematic Piano

An epic track that will make your movie/commercial sound amazing! Filled with orchestral instruments and sounds: Violins, Cellos. Brass, War Drums, Choir and others. This track explodes with emotional and inspiring melodies perfect for YouTube videos, cinematic projects, websites, commercials, and ...

Black Sun

A powerful and epic cinematic piece that offers a wide ethnic instrumentation and feel. filled with a lot of different percussive elements, strings, brass and choir to bring an authentic and forceful vibe to your project! perfect for movies, trailers, commercials, video games and more!

Incredible journey (Epic emotional background)

An epic composition with piano and strings, creating an atmosphere of travel and emotional mood. Combined with adventure, historical, dramatic, social videos, commercial projects, etc.

Frozen Landscapes

Cinematic, awe-inspiring string swells, conveying feelings of awe, majesty, and respect for the natural world. Ideal for documentaries, trailers and media that depict vast, untamed environments.

Christmas Tidings for Everyone (Elegant Orchestral Ident) - 2 versions

A grand and elegant orchestral ident that has many uses. It is available in 2 project ready edits and works well in advertising and retail campaigns, commercials, radio and television promos, logos, idents, jingles and any other Christmas and New Year projects.

Emotive Piano

An emotive piano track containing three versions, one full arrangement, one version without melody for backgrounds purpouses and one version solo piano, without background. Suitable for multiple projects looking to thrill the viewer.
Yann Keerim
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