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Corporate Uplifting

Corporate background music with happy, inspirational uplifting mood.

Beautiful Landscape

Introspective and relaxing piano track thought for inspirational and reflexive video projects with an uplifting climax at the end.

Happy orchestra inspiring romantic background

Happy beautiful orchestral background with a romantic atmosphere of bliss and inspiring mood.

Motivational upbeat music creative adverting

Optimistic motivational song with piano, guitars, drums, strings and bells, creating an inspirational atmosphere and positive mood.

Motivational Cinemtatic Trailer

An Hibrid Orchestra arrangement with drums guitar and bass. With an inspiring and optimistical mood this song is perfect for any comercial purpose as well as for wedding footage, adventure, travel, business, corporate, and any audiovisual project in which positivism prevails.

Living the Dream - full

This rock, or pop track sends a powerful message of hope and a bright outlook on life. You will feel the need to get up and dance and clap your hands. Guaranteed to refresh your day. Elements of Cold Play can be heard in the B section to contrast the main melody. Great and steady uplifting sound. Ha...

Feeling beautiful (Inspirational motivational cinematic piano and strings)

Inspirational composition of the piano and strings, creating a wonderful atmosphere, creating an optimistic mood and motivation. Ideal for various sentimental, sensitive, emotional videos, as well as landscapes of nature, aerial photography and charity videos.

Happy celebration inspiring background

Light inspiring background with guitars, piano, bells and percussion, creating a triumphant atmosphere and joyful mood. Combined with festive videos, video rewards and awards, presentations.

View from above

An inspirational, orchestral and ambient track.Starting slowly with a piano and gradually rising into a full orchestral piece with an anthemic character.

Happy Spring Time Positive Glockenspiel Piano 60 seconds advertising

Happy and uplifting acoustic tune setting a playful and upbeat mood. It features acoustic piano, guitar, hand clap and glockenspiel. Great for advertising, commercials, video presentations and corporate promos. Tempo 106/212 BPM This track is available in full track, background music beds, soft no...

Upbeat positive motivational electronic

The winding electronic background composition with synthesizers, bass, sequences, strings, percussion, creating a cheerful atmosphere and uplifting mood. Combined with positive presentations, videos with an atmosphere of success, happiness and energy, as well as corporate and promotional videos.

Yann Keerim
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