Motivational Royalty Free Music

A Complete Collection of Royalty Free Inspirational Background Music. Perfect motivational music for a workout at the gym or the background of an inspirational speech.

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Strength To Resist

An Inspirational instrumental track with emotional melodies and sounds. Soft and sentimental rock ballad.

World Celebration Ethnic Motivational

An Ethnic Motivational and Rhythmic track with Joyful, Cheerful and Beautiful Melodies, and Sounds. A Celebration Soundtrack blending different genres of world music in a modern approach.

A Great Year (Emotional Motivation)

An Inspiring Emotional Motivation track based on New Year's feelings. Beautiful melodies arranged for Piano, Bass, Vibraphone, Electric Piano, Percussion, and Drums.

A New Dream (Emotional Motivation Piano)

A beautiful and inspiring track arranged for Piano, Strings, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Piano, and Vibraphone. With a touch of NEW YEAR'S feelings.

Inspiring Transcendent Piano

A transcendent and inspiring track with piano, string quartet, synth pad, a beautiful modern background ambiance, and sentimental melodies.

Inspiring Warm Breeze (Melodic, Presentation, Background)

Composer: Roman Lavrinovich
Background music for your projects. Soft, calm, relaxing sound will encourage you to make the right decisions.

OPEN NIGHT (Dance Pop) - 30sec version

Composer: Alessandro Gozzo
Available in : Main version / Narrative (no lead melodies) / 60sec / 30sec / 15sec / Stinger. Instrumental club dance with strong catchy theme and an airy dreamy mood that recalls baroque classical music in a modern way. Catchy Rhythm Edm Dance Pop Fun

Fond Memories

Composer: Jake Schneider
'Fond Memories' is a relaxed and emotional acoustic background track that dynamically builds and drops. Featuring; acoustic guitars, piano, strings, bass guitar and drums. Perfect for hopeful and beautiful emotional videos, nature videos, city street, road trip, homecoming/goodbye scenes, family v...

Chiming Wind

Composer: Mr. Terrible
A slow motivational orchestral piece perfect for feel good commercials.

The Breeze

Composer: Mr. Terrible
An energetic and motivational orchestral piece perfect for commercials.

Motivational Corporate

Composer: Media_M
Motivational Corporate - Upbeat Uplifting Background Corporate music. This royalty free background music track in corporate style with emotional, energetic, happy, inspiring, motivational and optimistic mood! Perfect for Corporate Video, YouTube, Business Presentations, TV Commercials, Advertising, ...

Le Blazer

Composer: Depard
This is energetic, bright, catchy experimental pop rock track with synth sound/chipsound elements. The track has the typical retro games soundtracks character but with a modern touch. It is suitable for classic video games, but also for other projects where you need that vintage game feeling. Track ...

Successful Business Corporate Motivation 15 seconds no drums

Composer: Inspiring Audio
Elegant and professional background music perfect for your corporate media production. It features warm piano, glockenspiel, guitars, uplifting strings and drums. It creates an inspirational and motivational mood. The sound of success! 113 BPM This track is available in full track, background mu...

Business Badass

Composer: Wolfgang Woehrle
Cinematic and dramatic track with big drums, strings, synthesizer, electric guitars and a lot of percussion elements. Perfect for videos, image trailers, commercials, advertising, presentations, corporate videos, promotions, TV, YouTube and more.

Journey Together

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
Journey Together’s guitar melody takes you down a charming road full of inspiration. Synth percussion and flute tones add layers of interest as the track moves into a more dominant piano, acquiring more character throughout. It’s a superb option for an image film showing company evolution and va...

Determination- Motivational, Inspirational Groovy Electronic Background DnB Mixdown

When the going gets tough, the tough get going... Thats exactly what this music conveys... Perfect for contemporary edgy multimedia applications of success, inspiration and accomplishment.

Yann Keerim
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