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A Complete Collection of Inspirational Background Music.


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Great Night Out

Upbeat Pop Rock track with driving beat and raw guitars

Follow The Passion

Motivating Rock/Pop track with driving beat, electric guitars and cool synths.

Feeling Alive

Motivating Pop Electronic track with catchy synths and solid groove

Dreams Become Real

Motivational, uplifting, inspiring track with acoustic guitar, solid beat and synths.

Crossing The Line

Inspiration, motivating track with full band orchestration. Builds gradually throughout...

Celebration Time

Uplifting track with happy go lucky celebratory feel. Driving drums, guitar and catchy synths.

Overcoming The Obstacles

Beautifully inspiring piece beginning with piano, then gradually building into full-band. Motivating, emotional and uplifting feel.

Onward Through Life

Inspiring, uplifting track with full-band arrangement. Starts softly, then gradually builds throughout...

My Life Is For Living

Uplifting full-band track with driving beat and catchy melody. Great for advertising and corporate use!

Miracles Happen

Magical Disney-style orchestral piece. Great for cinematic or children's use.

Cannot Say Goodbye

Emotional and inspiring piece with piano and strings. Gradually building throughout...

Out The Door (Vox)

Very catchy and fun Pop track with full band and male vocals.

Hoping For The Best

Uplifting Pop track with solid driving beat, guitar, horns and synths. Great happy-go-lucky party feel. So, get up and dance!!

Feeling So Stylish Tonight

Uplifting, quirky Pop track with full band arrangement. A real feel-good, foot-tapping piece.

Fast Motion

A energetic and upbeat background track. Features huge electric and acoustic guitars, drums, and bass. Well suited for any kind of motion video.

Upbeat Innovation

upbeat Innovation is energetic,uplifting corporate music. This track has positive,powerful mood. Start off with 4/4 kick piano and simple synth riff. Strings comes in to add more innovative mood. Electric guitar adds more energy to it. Cymbal swell and synthetic sweep effect are used to create smoot...

Motivational Corp

Motivational Corp is uplifting, energetic corporate music which can provides positive feeling to your projects.It starts off with kick, bass, and bracing guitar arpeggio.Then supportive piano chord and bright bell melody comes in for build up..After while male voices join to create climax. It is sim...

Bright Pop Rock

"Bright Pop Rock "is uplifting, energetic corporate music which can provides positive feeling to your projects. It starts off with simple piano riff , and basic pop rock band.Gradually it is built up with acoustic guitar,bell."

Sunny Earth

An inspirational and motivational background track. Perfect for any corporate, commercial or uplifting projects. Instruments: acoustic, harmonics and muted guitars, acoustic piano, bells, synths, claps, bass and drums. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.


Positive and optimistic track Perfect for corporate motivational and inspirational presentations, advertisements, Film and TV, Youtube and more. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism. Instruments features acoustic, harmonics and muted guitars, pulsating bass, acoustic piano, ...

Yann Keerim
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