Motivational Royalty Free Music

A Complete Collection of Royalty Free Inspirational Background Music. Perfect motivational music for a workout at the gym or the background of an inspirational speech.

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The Future Is Bright

Composer: MusicTrend
Motivational pop-rock music with corporate feelings and uplifting atmosphere. This optimistic royalty-free tune will perfect for promotional videos, business projects, advertising, travel videos, success stories, inspiring lifestyle videos, commercials TV and Radio ads or more.

Building with Optimism and Determination

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for orchestra. The style is very near to Soundtrack and the rhythm is stable and steady thanks to cello staccato. The mood is positive and optimistic and the melody is played by flute and clarinet, later they are supported by a section of violas and violins.

Time To Act – Powerful Cinematic Hybrid Trailer

Composer: JamaCore
Powerful and exciting hybrid trailer music with pulsing synth, epic choir and massive drums. Great for action, games, drama, presentation, trailer and more.

Keep On Pushing

Composer: MDStockSound
A powerful cinematic inspiring track with emotional piano and epic dynamic orchestral strings, taiko drums, hybrid effects, etc. Included Versions: 1. Full version – 2:17 2. 1 min version – 1:00 3. 30sec version – 0:30 4. 15sec version – 0:15 5. Looped version 1 - 0:18

BREAK THE HOUSE (EDM Energy) - 60sec version

Composer: Alessandro Gozzo
Available in: Main version / Background / 60sec / 30sec / Stinger / Loop. EDM with high energy impact and catchy themes. Gritty, bitchy for a wild dance trip.

Is Your Motivation

Composer: WorldMusic
A moment of quiet reflection and then resume with the grand finale. “Is Your Motivation” is a song dedicated to the business success that leads to the fantasy images of success, freedom, productivity, sales and growth. The song starts with a piano melody that remains throughout the song, a cres...

Business Motivational

Composer: WorldMusic
“Business Motivational” is a song for motivation and business success that leads to the fantasy images of victory, freedom, productivity, sales and growth. This piece begins with a catchy melody piano that remains throughout the piece, and is based on instrument instrument until reaching an ape...

Hello World Think Positive

Composer: WorldMusic
Start the piano alone, then add the whole orchestra in a crescendo that leaves you breathless. The central part has the whole orchestra A final crescendo and then finish with the solo piano and melancholy.

Inspiring Upbeat

Composer: WorldMusic
“Inspiring Upbeat” a fresh and clean background track perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects! Instruments features acoustic guitar, electric muted guitar and piano. This track may also work particularly well in combination with a voice over.

Whatever It Takes

Composer: MDStockSound
Whatever It Takes is an uplifting, energetic and motivational royalty free music for video projects, cinematic production, advertising, epic trailers, video games, YouTube, presentations and other projects. Included files: 1. Main Version(02:15) 2. 52 sec edit 3. 30sec edit 4. 17sec edit 5. Looped(...

Happy Time

Composer: Muza
A happy time is an acoustic motivational inspirational track. He was composed especially for the voice-over of lyrical, sentimental or other happy moments of life. Good for family video or love story.

Let The Sunshine In

Composer: Michael Adels
Uplifting and powerful summer pop with electric and acoustic guitars. Perfect for your next advert or promotion video.

Inspiring Theme

Composer: Denis Pavlov
Uplifting and inspiring background music with a motivational and optimistic mood. Great track for corporate videos, promotional videos, business presentations and any advertising projects.

Calm Nigh

Acoustic guitar and mandolin intertwine for a relaxing evening melody.

Be Forever Young

Composer: Denis Pavlov
This one is highly-uplifting and optimistic folk-pop music with uplifting and inspirational atmosphere. You can use it as background for motivational videos, success stories, travel and adventure videos, friends and family time videos, inspiring storytellings, advertising, promotional projects, corp...

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