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Battle & Adventure Music Tracks for Intros and Trailers

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Finding Justice

Dramatic orchestral film score piece with epic orchestral arrangements. This piece has a war-time military feel and gradually builds throughout into a triumphant finale.

Dark Times Ahead

Dramatic orchestral film score piece with dark, mysterious arrangements.

Classical Tension

Grand, triumphant classical piece with dramatic, uplifting string arrangements.

Awaiting The Fate

Dramatic film score track with gripping arrangments over pulsating percussion.

A Truly Powerful Force

A dramatic Action/Adventure track with gothic choir, driving drum groove and full orchestra. A truly epic, triumphant piece!

The Mission Finale

Dramatic, epic cinematic piece with powerful arrangements.

Technical Jungle

Action-packed electronic track with driving beat and catchy synths.

Striking A Punch

Dramatic, action-packed track with orchestra and driving beat. Great for action/adventure scene.

Situations Change

Powerful, energetic Action track with cool driving drums and full-band arrangement.

Sign Of The Times

Dramatic action-packed piece with tense, suspenseful orchestral arrangements and driving beat.

No Victory Like This

Dramatic, epic Cinematic track with powerful orchestration over pulsating, driving beat. Great for tense action scene!

No Time For Weakness

Dramatic, tense action/adventure peice with driving percussion amd orchestral instruments.

Me Against The World

Triumphant, epic cinematic piece with driving beat, orchestra and electric guitar. Great for suspenseful action/adventure scene.

Looking For Destinction

Dynamic, action-packed track with driving beat, strings, electric guitar and synths. Great for epic action/adventure scene.

Life's Journey

Grand cinematic piece with epic, flowing orchestral arrangements. Magical Disney-style feel.

Leaving No Trace

Short, energetic Action/Adventure track with urgent, tense atmosphere. Great for stinger or scene change.

Fighting For Life

Dramatic, epic cinematic track with orchestra and driving percussion

Emerging From The Shadows

Energetic Action/Adventure track with various dynamic sections. Driving percussion, orchestral instruments and cool electronics. Great for Epic Action scene!

A Dramatic Twist

Very tense and epic cinematic piece with orchestra and driving percussion

The Drama Begins

A dramatic Action/Adventure track with solid beat and full orchestra. Epic and grand atmosphere!

The Deeper You Go

A very epic orchestral piece with a sense of hope and celebration - great for horror/action/adventure/mystery scenes.

Yann Keerim
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