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Dark Suspense Hybrid Trailer

Epic powerful cinematic motivational and inspiring music with synth pulses, drones, string ostinatos, big brass, epic drums and percussion and trailer effects. For your next video project, documentary, presenation, promotion, corporate movie, business video, slideshows, product video and many more.

Epic Cinematic Battle

Epic and dramatic cinematic track that is performed by classical orchestral instruments like strings, violins, violas, cellos and brass like trombones, tubas and French horns. It is perfect as underscore for a variety of projects like short films and movies, video games, commercials, advertisements,...


epic medieval atmosphere mysterious and disturbing

in the mountain

epic movie spot discovery, motivational and inspirational adventure

Epic Drum Trailer - Loop Version

Epic Drum Trailer its powerful, dynamic and energetic background track. Rhythmic and agressive. Perfect for sports channels, movies, slideshows, advertising, and more. Also you can use it for different types of your media projects, like trailers, films, presentations, slideshows and more. Thanks fo...

epic cinema 11

atmosphere of suspense, intrigue, triller ... drama,mystery

Inspiring Epic Cinematic Trailer

Epic cinematic orchestral action music with powerful string ostinatos, synth pulses, deep piano, big brass, very dramatic drums and percussion and trailer effects for you inspiring and powerful video game teaser or trailer.


Epic choruses for a growing atmosphere...luminous inspirational,discovery,travel

The Way Out

Inspiring uplifting cinematic epic fantasy games adventure music track. Instruments used are strings, brass, percussion and drums. For your motivational projects like epic trailers, games, applications, advertising, promotions, presentations, patriotic movies, fantasy films and many more.

epic cinema 17

epic cinematic action ,heroes,fantasy,adventure, future

Yann Keerim
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