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Battle & Adventure Music Tracks for Intros and Trailers

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Another Dimension

Action dramatic orchestral trailer for your movie, news, advertising, television broadcasting, slideshow, podcast, radio, animation, games and more....

Last Dance

Epic cinematic dramatic hybrid orchestral ambient track with piano, drum machine, synths and orchestra. Perfect for dramas and action, video games, etc.

Running out of Time

An uptempo traditional orchestral action theme building up to a climax.

Outside The Madness ( Orchestral Trailer )

Epic powerful orchestral cinematic trailer for movie production, advertising, sports, television broadcasting, business presentations, animation and more...

Rope's End

Arr-Harrr There Me Mateys!! A phenomenally fun, periodical, sea faring piece building with horns, woodwinds and strings, all supported by a dramatic drumbeat. The central them is certainly naval, and therefore would be ideal for multimedia projects inspired by captains, or pirates, upon the high sea...

Industrial Drums

Welcome to the future. Powerful, dynamic and very energetic industrial percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

Ritual of the Caveman

A short dark cinematic underscore with deep male grunts and chanting

Symphonic Heroes

Am upbeat heroic orchestral theme with strings and brass melody combined with percussion

Honor the Brave

Powerful and emotional patriotic orchestral cue. Warm, lush strings are accompanied by soaring brass and bold percussion. Conveys respect, pride and integrity.

Rising Evil - Epic Intense Hybrid Trailer Music

Intense, cinematic and dramatic cue, beginning with dark, forbidding atmospheres and building to tension to a huge, epic climax. Conveys fear, uneasiness and terror. Great for trailers, video games, horror and projects that need a sinister, climactic soundtrack.

Cold Case Investigation

Rock orchestral cue with strings, horns, electric guitars, drums and synth elements. Builds to a dramatic climax. Great for trailers, promos and TV projects that need an investigative soundtrack.

Enemy Invasion

Dramatic and cinematic Hollywood movie style cue with deep, powerful percussion, driving strings and big, bold horns. Conveys strength, power and an approaching threat. Great for trailers, dramatic scenes, presentations, video games and TV projects.

Team of Heroes

Epic, dramatic and cinematic heroic cue with huge, driving percussion, powerful strings, soaring horns, and contemporary synth elements. Conveys power and achievement. Great for trailers, sports, presentations and projects that need an energetic, uplifting soundtrack.


Intense, dark and hybrid cinematic background music track. Perfect for film & videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, video projects, angry and driving videos, commercials, slideshows, army videos, racing and flying videos, vlogs, TV and radio media, etc.


Epic cinematic hybrid track with indie piano, big strings, powerful percussion and gentle woodwinds and brass. Perfect for trailers and video games.

A New Chapter (short version)

A very emotional and epic cinematic-style piece with grand piano and full orchestra. Starts with beautiful solo piano melody, then gradually builds throughout with layers of dynamic strings, choir and brass instruments. Perfect as dramatic, powerful, triumphant, victorious, inspirational piece with ...

Cinematic Epic

Cinematic orchestral track featuring piano and strings. Great for movie production, slideshow, advertising, television broadcasting and more...

Target in Range

A moody slow dark electronic underscore with rock drums, synth bass, and ambient guitar textures

Epical Path

Powerful, mighty epic cinematic film music with modern synths, powerful drums, catchy melodies, big choir and bright horns. Perfect for preentations, sport, games, action, films and many more.

Tension Game

A moody suspense theme with a pulsating base and arpeggiated guitar and synth textures.

Yann Keerim
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