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Chuckles And Giggles

Happy and Quirky track featuring orchestral Instruments perfect for advertising


Energetic indie rock for commercials and promo video.

The F-song in the hook mix

Playful pop song, fun song, making a pun on the notes in the F-chord: Fa-la-do, la-do-fa, do-fa-la, they make up the F-chord, they're all in the F-song, The funny, wacky, goofy, silly F-song. F-song, fun song!

Happy Whistle (Acoustic Ukulele Children)

Happy and relaxing acoustic audio track perfect to set an optimistic mood in your project! This track featuring ukulele guitars, emotional piano, percussion and strings. Suitable for any projects, including corporate presentations, lifestyle and travel, tutorials, family videos, web, app, game, radi...

Wildfire Rock

Get ready to rock with this classic rock track that's sure to get your heart pumping. Featuring driving guitar riffs and live drums, this upbeat anthem is perfect for scenes that need a burst of energy and excitement. With its dynamic rhythm and catchy hooks, this track is a great fit for commercial...

Happy Upbeat Pop Background

Modern and fun pop background music for family and friend commercials, business and product promotion videos, adventure videos, youtube vlogs and more.

Happy Funk | Travel Adventure Cooking Vlog |

Get ready to dance with this fun and energetic funk track! Featuring groovy bass lines, funky guitar riffs, and catchy horn melodies, this song will put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. Perfect for adding a feel-good vibe to your project.

Happy Fun Clap Ukulele | Children Animal Food |

This positive music track is great for advertising, children, cartoon, kids, video, tutorial, explainer, educational, school, business, radio, slideshow, presentation, background music, tv commercials, good life videos, summer, vlog, home videos, family videos, pet and animal videos, vacation, promo...

Future Memories | Modern Upbeat Synthwave Pop |

This is a modern disco pop track that blends nostalgic 80's synths, energetic guitar riffs, and driving beat to create an uplifting and inspiring sound. This track is perfect for commercials, presentations, and videos that require an energetic and motivational vibe.

Daily Routine (Ambient Corporate)

Uplifting and motivational audio track perfect to set an optimistic mood in your project! This track featuring piano, muted guitars and pluck synths. Suitable for any business projects, vlog, promo, commercial, identifier, logo reveal, animation, web, app, game, radio, TV and Youtube.

Carefree Baby Day

Happy and feelgood song with positive ukulele, fun claps and snaps, and carefree whistle and bell melody. Good for fun and positive video projects.

Positive Uplifting Groove

Dive into the lively rhythm and feel-good vibes of our funky groovy track, featuring uplifting guitar riffs that’ll instantly boost your mood. Tailor-made for podcasts, this positive composition injects energy and joy into your content. Ideal for dynamic presentations, commercials, and projects in...

Yann Keerim
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