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Upbeat & Uplifting Tracks to create a positive mood


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Grab A Partner

Lively, feel-good track with solid beat and catchy guitars

Going Around

Inspirational Pop song with male vocals. Happy go lucky feel - great for commercial

Full Of Motivation

Quirky energetic track with solid groove, horns and cool synths

Feeling Kinda Great

Happy Country track with accordion, guitar,flute and light percussion. Carefree, uplifting, comedic feel.

Traveling Around The World

This is Light, Upbeat and Uplifting Music with positive and sunny atmosphere. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising and other Multimedia Projects.

Day Of Fun

Uplifting, motivating track with quirky full band feel.

Cooler Than Ever

Upbeat electronic track with driving beat and catchy, quirky synths.

Closing Credits

Uplifting full band piece with positive, calebratory feel.

Being Positive

Uplifting electroinic track with feel-good, happy go lucky atmosphere.

Noble Statesman

Uplifting elegant orchestral piece with noble, stately feel.

Just Loving It All

Uplifting, quirky Jazz piece with full-band arrangement. Comedic, happy-go-lucky feel.

I Will Find My Way

Delicate, sentimental piece with beautiful piano melody and lush strings.

Happy As A Cat

Carefree light-hearted track with simple, child-like atmosphere. Chucking guitar, percussion, marimba and flute.

Entertaining Forever

Classy, quirky arrangement of the popular track "The Entertainer". Fun, happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Kissing In The Moonlight (Vox)

Uplifting, quirky Pop song with male vocals and full band. Comical, catchy lyrics.

Jump For Joy (inst)

Happy go lucky pop track with solid groove and catchy synths.

Old School Nights

Cool Pop Dance track with solid groove and catchy synths. Sure to get ya movin!

Happy and Upbeat

''Happy and upbeat'' is a cheerful and positive mood for your media. Featuring the acoustic guitar, whistling, glockenspiel, flute, piano, organ, handclaps, drums and bass. Great for advertising and commercials, small business promotional videos, presentation, children and kids videos, motivational ...

Yann Keerim
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