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Sandstorm-Middle Eastern Cinematic Metal

A cinematic metal track with a Middle Eastern flavour. After an ominous, trailer like intro the track builds into a string and percussion driven theme. Instruments used: acoustic guitars, distorted electric guitar, Turkish violin, baglama, naval, Persian ney, Turkish ney, vocal samples. This track ...

Night in Tunisia

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Tunisia Eastern

great for media projects | promotion | vlog's | tv and radio advert | commercial| film television | social media | web | holiday and vacation videos | and more

Eastern Mysteries

A mysterious and hypnotic beat with Middle Eastern instruments, Doumbeck, Darbouka, Nay flute and Persian santoor.

Ambient Middle East Instrumental

Ambient Middle East Instrumental is Very minimal, ambient piece created using, granular, string and digital synths. The synths are layered to create an endlessly evolving beautiful drone together with a minimalistic repeating melody that drifts in at random intervals.

Dark Sad East Instrumental

Dark Sad East Instrumental Dreamy, tension, suspense and atmospheric, this music paints the skies with a distant electric piano playing different notes upon an string long and string piccato, flute background.

Sad Instruments Middle East Ramadan

Sad Instruments Middle East Ramadan is Ancient and mysterious music from the past. Middle Eastern flute and creating a very atmospheric and ethereal environment.

Ramadan is Coming Instrumental

Ramadan Is Coming An epic track from the Middle Eastern Culture with a spiritual and holy mode, using Arabic/Turkish Instruments like the Oud, Qanon, Nay, String, Piano,Pad, Bass and Darbuka, Great for celebrating Arabian religious and traditional occasion like Ramadan, Eid also perfect for Arabian...

Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan is a positive, inspiring, beautiful, Arabic music, featuring oud, saz, ney, strings, Middle East percussion, pads, bass, drums. Perfect for: travel projects, Middle east corporate videos, documentaries, Arabic culture, Egypt pyramids, Turkish travel promotion, Ramadan programs, ...

Middle East Travel

It`s exotic oriental music track with vibes of Middle East. You can hear a lot of native for Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Ababia, United Arab Emirates music instruments: kanun, duduk, oud, zurna, strings, saz, daf, darbuka, daire and a lot of drums and percussion. This track is perfect for all kinds...

Oriental Middle East Arabic - Loop Version

This one is an authentic background epic instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, groovy ethnic darbuka. Inspired with traditional arabic musical mood. This background track perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercial and documentary,...

Oriental Dubstep

This one is a fantastic hybrid royalty free hip hop track with magical oriental elements, Arabic instruments, as well as modern dubstep and trap vibes! Featuring marvelous sounds of duduk, zurna, oriental violins and orchestra, flute, bass, electronic drums, ethnic drums and percussion, it will be m...

Arab Percussions

You've just got back from a desert exploration and entered a town, suddenly, you hear some rythms from afar, as you seek their location, you stumble upon a traditional middle eastern percussion ensemble, grooving into a street market. Great fit for history and period documentaries, tourism advertis...

Cairo By Night

A traditional middle eastern ensemble playing a festive instrumental piece. Evocative of arabic culture, you can imagine wondering in cairo streets and come across this folkloric band. Great fit for history and period documentaries, tourism advertising, dance background music, video games and movie...

Desert Dream

A journey through arid lands, sand storms and old ruins. Arab women ornamental chants and traditional bone flutes gives this track its mystic and hypnotic character. Great fit for history and nature documentaries, travel show video, meditative and abstract videos, experimental projects, video games ...

Yann Keerim
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