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Sahara Princess

This is an inspirational middle eastern cinematic world music with Female Vocals. Great for travel and journey trailer, oriental videos, middle east and desert background, ethnic landscapes, arabian ethnic culture and egypt traditions scenes, arab and mediterranean documentary films, persian and tu...

Eastern Exotic Journey - Loop Version

Ethno authentic royalty free soundtrack with oud, oriental strings and darbuka. This eastern music is perfect for middle east background videos, history, travel projects, documentaries and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Timeless Sand

Eastern arabic cinematic epic and inspiring trailer music with oud, duduk, brass, synth drones, bass, vocal arabic harmony voice, drums, percussion and trailer effects. For your next video project, documentary, presenation, promotion, corporate movie, business video, slideshows, product video and ma...

Adventure in the Middle East

Intense and powerful track that will make you feel like you are in the Middle East and experiencing you own adventure! It features traditional strings like violin, viola, cello, oud, kanun and traditional winds like ney. The track then comes together with heavy acoustic drums, traditional percussion...

Swing From the Desert

An instrumental fast Jazz track with a Middle Eastern vibe. Perfect for vlogs and soundtracks.

Arabic Groove

An instrumental Retro Funk track with a Middle Eastern vibe and a funny mood. Perfect for vlogs or soundtracks.

Night in Tunisia

great for media projects | promotion | vlog's | tv and radio advert | commercial| film television | social media | web | holiday and vacation videos | and more

Tunisia Eastern

great for media projects | promotion | vlog's | tv and radio advert | commercial| film television | social media | web | holiday and vacation videos | and more

Eastern Mysteries

A mysterious and hypnotic beat with Middle Eastern instruments, Doumbeck, Darbouka, Nay flute and Persian santoor.

Ambient Middle East Instrumental

Ambient Middle East Instrumental is Very minimal, ambient piece created using, granular, string and digital synths. The synths are layered to create an endlessly evolving beautiful drone together with a minimalistic repeating melody that drifts in at random intervals.

Ramadan is Coming Instrumental

Ramadan Is Coming An epic track from the Middle Eastern Culture with a spiritual and holy mode, using Arabic/Turkish Instruments like the Oud, Qanon, Nay, String, Piano,Pad, Bass and Darbuka, Great for celebrating Arabian religious and traditional occasion like Ramadan, Eid also perfect for Arabian...

Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan is a positive, inspiring, beautiful, Arabic music, featuring oud, saz, ney, strings, Middle East percussion, pads, bass, drums. Perfect for: travel projects, Middle east corporate videos, documentaries, Arabic culture, Egypt pyramids, Turkish travel promotion, Ramadan programs, ...

Middle East Travel

It`s exotic oriental music track with vibes of Middle East. You can hear a lot of native for Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Ababia, United Arab Emirates music instruments: kanun, duduk, oud, zurna, strings, saz, daf, darbuka, daire and a lot of drums and percussion. This track is perfect for all kinds...

Oriental Dubstep

This one is a fantastic hybrid royalty free hip hop track with magical oriental elements, Arabic instruments, as well as modern dubstep and trap vibes! Featuring marvelous sounds of duduk, zurna, oriental violins and orchestra, flute, bass, electronic drums, ethnic drums and percussion, it will be m...

Yann Keerim
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