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Arabic Ensemble

An upbeat Middle Eastern track featuring traditional instruments like oud, saz, kanun, ney, strings, and percussion. Its dynamic groove and powerful melodies built a cinematic feel that is excellent for movies, films, video games, commercials, and more.

Soothing Lullaby

Kanun is the lead instrument of this emotional track. It is perfect for use in lullabies for babies and sentimental videos. In addition to this, it may be used in relaxing videos, YouTube videos and travel videos.


I have lately been listening to some church choir music from Georgia and Armenia and have been increasingly interested in vocal music from different parts of the world. This interest pushed me to write a short piece for male choir and basses. I find this combination so interesting, with its deep sou...

Love's song

Once again, there is a sudden mood swing, with a composition of mine that draws mainly from the Eastern musical traditions. It is a melody that I wrote one morning and recorded most of the bass parts that same evening. I was so glad to have Fotini Kokkala on the kanun, Giannis Poulios on the violin ...

Hidden Symmetry (Intro)

This is the first piece of the album, although not the first one that I started working on. I was writing short pieces for 6 double basses and this one seemed to fit right in what I was looking for as an intro to the album. It is all based on a single motif that slowly evolves through the counterpoi...

Wonderful Lullaby

Using kanun as its lead instrument, this is a world music sentimental track. Relaxing and nostalgic music, perfect for baby lullabies, travel videos, documentaries, meditation scenes, cafes and chillout areas.

The Baby Song

In this emotional track, Kanun is the lead instrument. Baby lullabies and relaxing videos can benefit from it. Furthermore, it can be used in documentaries, yoga lessons, cafes, and chillout areas.

Music for Babies with the Kanun 2

An instrumental music track with kanun as the lead instrument. Ideal for lullabies and sentimental videos. Additionally, it can be used in relaxing videos, YouTube videos, travel videos, vacations, meditation scenes, cafes, and chillout areas.

Remember your birthday

Remember your birthday is an instrumental composition that came up to marry two miscellaneous timbres, the brass instruments and the kanun, in the limits of a big band. The aspiration of this track is humorous because it is hard for me to remember the birthday of my own people.


Using kanun as its lead instrument, this is a world music cinematic track. Relaxing and nostalgic music, perfect for travel videos, documentaries, meditation scenes, cafes and chillout areas.


Emotional nostalgic track with kanun as the lead instrument. A dramatic or sad scene, a historical documentary, a travel video, a relaxing video, or a youtube video can be played on it.


An emotional track feautiring the kanun as a lead instrument.Perfect for use as a sad ,dramatic scene ,sentimental videos , parting scenes.What is more ,the track may be used in relax videos, Youtube, documentaries and travel videos.


A powerfull cinematic track featuring kanun as a lead isnstrument.Nostalgic and sentimental. Perfect documentaries, sentimental scenes, travel videos, backround music.


A nostalgic, sentimental, relaxing track featuring the kanun as the lead instrument. Suitable for documentaries, relax videos, YouTube videos, and historical videos.


World music track featuring the kanun as the lead instrument. It can be used for dramatic scenes, sentimental videos, parting scenes, documentaries, television, movies, YouTube, relaxing videos, vacations, and meditation.

Middle Eastern Smooth Jazz

Middle Eastern Smooth Jazz piece of music special for branding of projects, travel sites, sensual vlogs and a lot more. Enjoy the authentic piano sounding with the flavour of Armenian folklore and the colorite of ancient caucasian instruments such as duduk, turkish intruments such as Oud, Ney, Kan...

Adventure in the Middle East

Intense and powerful track that will make you feel like you are in the Middle East and experiencing you own adventure! It features traditional strings like violin, viola, cello, oud, kanun and traditional winds like ney. The track then comes together with heavy acoustic drums, traditional percussion...

Middle East Travel

It`s exotic oriental music track with vibes of Middle East. You can hear a lot of native for Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Ababia, United Arab Emirates music instruments: kanun, duduk, oud, zurna, strings, saz, daf, darbuka, daire and a lot of drums and percussion. This track is perfect for all kinds...

Arabic Dream

This dreamy Arabic background music. A good choice for any ethnic and traditional project that needs an oriental atmosphere and exotic sound. Instruments: shamisen, kanun, tanbur, istanbul strings, arabic accordion, bass, pad, percussion. This Arabic music is ideal for background videos about the M...
Yann Keerim
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